Friday, June 13, 2008


black cat,Diamond

Diamond will tell you that today is a Special Black Cat Holiday. I only know that if I do not get the Special Black Cat her Special food she will probably eat me for dinner tonight.

This layout was done with the Moonkist Freebie from Kristy's Scraps. I love the look of this kit.

On a similar note, Tizzy's Angel has a new taggers kit called A Moonlit Night available at Digital Chaos. This might be the best kit she's done to date. It's very rich. Check it out!

There's also a free Moonlit Night Add-On to go with it. And it's never to early for a Friday Freebie, now is it?

Monday, June 9, 2008


black cat,Diamond

This is a rework of the tag attempt from the middle of May. I was trying for an effect where she's coming out of the frame but I think I messed up, because the tip of the ribbon on the right is cut off. Still it's not a total waste and I kind of like it.

We had Mommy-Monster weekend as my mother was either drinking, doing drugs or had run out of lithium, but she was in major mood swings. Now I know where my sister gets her viperous tongue from. As a result everything I was working on was kind of dark and moody. Even the rather whimsical Cole subdues a Dragon piece, which I need to rework, it kind of dark.

As with the earlier piece, this uses the Gothic Envy tagger Kit from Digital Chaos. The Metal Alpha is from NettieB Scraps.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Diamonds and Satin

black cat,Diamond

My little princess, all pretty in purple. This uses the Satin Grunge and Satin Grunge Add On by Tizzy's Angel and it's available in the Digital Chaos store.

Beauty, isn't it?

Saturday pairing

Sarasota Reds

A couple more from an earlier game. I still have to do new layouts for Alex Smit.

Sarasota Reds

The open star charms from from American Charm by Marie LaFrance which is available at Digital Freebies. It was on the cut out list, but it seems they've repented and are going to continue to offer the full bundle. It's a good little kit, I've used it extensively.

The funny thing with Danny Dorn is that I'd seen him Saturday at Extended Spring Training, then he showed up Wednesday with the Reds. T.J. was sure I was crazy, but I wasn't.

I thought about printing these, but I'll wait until after three when Allen or Kenny are on duty at the lab. The regular crew takes care of me, so I like to make sure they get the commissions on the printing.

I've decided to forego both the extended game today and tryouts. My mother called this morning and well - it was the same old stuff, over and over. When I look for a little sympathy, I can't get it. This week she's mad at my sister. Next week, Carol will be her little angel again. I'm over it.

"One of these days I'll be gone and you won't be able to hear my voice anymore." That would almost be a blessing.

Call me when you're sober, Lady.

I think I'm going to do some shopping at Digital Chaos. I still need to put some blinkies on the sidebar, and with the addition of Henry Reyes and Mike Allen to the team, I have a few more Miracle layouts to do so I can get 'graphs when they get back home.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Tempting Delights

My mother fell off the wagon again - I think yesterday judging by the message she left on my machine. Today she's in the "I'm going to run away" phase. She'll be 72 in July and she still can't get that monkey off her back. Sad.

In any case, Vero Beach comes in next then we go into the All-star break. The boys then play three on the road against Dunedin to finish off the first half. We play a 3 game homestand against Sarasota starting on the 19th, so...I figured I should work up stuff for the Reds.

This is when my camera started acting up, so the shots are not the best, but they are workable.

Sarasota Reds

This is the first one I did, and it uses Candy's Treats Fire and Temptress kits, which is - I think - the same combo I used on the layout I did for Alex Smit earlier in the year. The alpha on all pieces in the Brushed Metal set I got from Scrappin Dead Girls/NettieB Scrapz.

(A note on the Candys Treats blog - she has project playlist on it, so my computer hangs for a while it's loading. This is why it's considered rude to put music on the your webpage/site/blog.)

However, earlier this week I was visiting the blogs for the digital chaos girls, and found a Grey Delight Scrapkit Freebie at Chaos Priestess blog. I saved it, not from any immediate plans to use it, but because I like working in black and white and grey.

So after I finished the first piece I said to myself, let's to see what kind of grey papers is in that kit and well...low and behold, Chaos Priestess has saved me from really boring repetitious designs. Well, sort of. The basic layout is always the same, only the elements change.

Sarasota Reds

The sun is from the Candy Treats Fire Kit, the paper from her Temptress Kit, and so I decided to call the layout Tempting Delights.

Sarasota Reds

Sarasota Reds

Sarasota Reds

Sarasota Reds

Dear Mr. Heisey, for reasons I cannot comprehend, I felt compelled to give you the sun, moon, and the stars, Please don't hold it against me.

Sarasota Reds

The Kainer pieces uses star charms from Candy Treats Chrome Charms tube. I cropped the little tops off the stars before I used them.

Sarasota Reds

And finally, the second piece for Mr. Long not only uses the Chrome Charms tube, but also the stud stars from Yarrow's Rock Devil Kit.

Oh...I need to go shopping at Digital Chaos again, they has such wonderful things1

However, I think that Candy Treats needs to hook up with the Digital Chaos girls, as their stuff would work nicely together.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Beach Party

Diamond,Cute Cat

Friends of the Sea II was one of the new releases over at Digital Freebies. I bought both Friends of the Sea and FOTSII plus Dog Days Afternoon which I used on the following two pieces:

Fort Myers Miracle

Fort Myers Miracle

All the kits are by Danielle Engebretson.

Beach Blanket Bingo was an old Frankie Avalon and Annette Funicello movie and I'm pretty sure Miss Diamond is NOT playing. But then, I'm never quite sure what she's up to when I'm not around.

The lettering on the top came from the Beachin' kit from Scrap Girls, the "Bingo" lettering is from Free Digital Scrapbooking

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

En Fuego

I wanted to do something different with Tyler. The patriotic stuff is nice and he's fine with it, but,'s boring.

Anyway, I had the Arrr Matey kit from Digital Freebies and worked this piece up, which is neither overly piratey or nautical.

Fort Myers Miracle

It is however, a bit on the boring side. Meanwhile, over in Beloit, Ben Revere has just been on fire.

Candy's Treats had done a taggers kit based on the elements of fire, which I'd used a couple of pieces from before. But this time, I decided to get away from the team colors.

Which just left the lettering. The Metalic wasn't working. However...

Beloit Snappers,GCL Twins

The whole thing worked just wonderfully with the burned lettering from the Arrr Matey kit. Hah!

Fort Myers Miracle

And so lo and behold, the En Fuego layout was born.

When I had mentioned the Revere piece to T.J. yesterday, his eyes lit up and he said "I saw that. I really liked that." So we'll see what Mr. Robertson thinks.

I need to sit down and do the tutorial for the tag done with the Fire kit. I'm sure it will give me all kinds of new ideas. I also need to buy her heartbreaker looks like fun!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Rockin' Blue Jay Blues

With Dunedin coming into town for a 3-game homestand, I wanted to get the stuff together for autographs so that was one of my priorities.

Then I find out everyone has already gone up to New Hampshire.

I mean, Travis Snider I already knew about:

Dunedin Blue Jays

But Brett Cecil? He was just here!

Dunedin Blue Jays

Dunedin Blue Jays

...and I rather liked him too! Grrr...

And then I find out Julio Pinto is outta here as well...and he's a reliever for crying out loud!

Dunedin Blue Jays

So that leaves Gustavo Chachin...

Dunedin Blue Jays

and Adrian Martin.

Dunedin Blue Jays

I just check the roster and I don't think that either Martin or Chacin are pitching during this homestand, so they should be very easy to get. I figure I'll go sit with Manny for a bit, then tell him I'm going to smooze with the Jays pitchers and go do it...right under his nose!

I even have shots of Martin from last year to smooze him with. LOL.

Two other guys that I knew were gone, but I did layouts for anyway are Anthony Hatch:

Dunedin Blue Jays

and Kyle Phillips.

Dunedin Blue Jays

I would have like Hatch's sig. Ah well.

All these layouts were done using the Blue Rocker kit from Krissy's Scraps except for the background paper on the Martin layout, which came from the Blues Pack.

As for the rest of the Jays, I'll have to get them on a baseball.

On a side note, it appears that my camera has taken a turn for the worse. I THOUGHT I might have fixed it, but's still not working right. I'll have to pack it up and send it out for repair.