Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Crazy Little Thing Called Blood

Crazy Little Thing Called Blood

Ghouls and Ghosts got you down? Have spooks got you jumping at your own shadow? Halloween can be a stressful time of year for the perpetually afraid, but never fear, I have the answer!

This adorable little taggers kit is filled with all sorts of monsters that are just TOOOO cute to spook! From hip hoppin' Ghosts to funky spiders to dancing pumpkins, this taggers size kits brings you an assortment of the most adorable monsters you've ever met.

You'll find 30 800 x 800 .jpg papers, and 116 .png elements included in the kit.

You get 10 Candy Corns, 6 tombstones, 5 round frames, 5 square frames, 5 tombstone frames, 5 fang tags, 5 bows, 5 crazed bats, 5 flowers, 5 folded ribbons, 5 fuzzlees, 5 treat bags, 5 wraps, 4 candles, 4 reapers, 4 vampire coffins, 3 spooky trees, 3 moons, 3 pumpkin men, 2 devil ducks, 2 Blood on Wheels haunted vans, 2 crab grasses, 2 sets of fallen leaves, 2 ghosts, 2 Pigulas, 2 spiders, 1 bat border, 1 beware sign, 1 cauldron, 1 coffin, 1 Dracula, 1 Dracula Coffin, 1 Happy Halloween Word Art, 1 Haunted House and 2 Vampy posers created by Schnegge's Tuben.

It's lot of fun for your Halloween tags. Saved to 300 DPI, so you can use it for blog wear and small print jobs as well. Personal use, scrap 4 hire okay!

So just be cool, relax, and get hip to this Crazy Little Thing called Blood.

Note: this kit has been retired and is available for FREE elsewhere on this blog!

Crazy Little Thing 1

Crazy Little Thing 2
Bloody Mess alpha courtesy of Free Digital Scrapbooking, not included in kit.

Crazy Little Thing 3
Halloween Alpha by Crazy Diamond, not included in kit.

Crazy Little Thing 4
Bloody Mess alpha courtesy of Free Digital Scrapbooking, not included in kit.

Crazy Little Thing 5
Halloween Alpha by Crazy Diamond, not included in kit.

Monday, September 28, 2009

I get so Emo-shun-al Baby....

Count down to Blog Train take off....

All these tags were done using my "Spooky Town" kit, which is a part of the Ghost Train. Cookies not included (you're getting Gumdrops instead!)

Let's go  down to Spooky Town
Looking Fur alpha by Heaven Dreams, not included in kit.

Let's go  down to Spooky Town

Toni says pink is not her color, so we figured no one would look for her dressed as a pink witch. Or as a blond, for that matter. :)

Let's go  down to Spooky Town

Silky just wants her mummy!

Let's go  down to Spooky Town

Well, that's clear enough - or is it?

Let's go  down to Spooky Town

Am I resting in peace - or resting in pieces?

Let's go  down to Spooky Town

I'm assured that everyone likes bon-bons, even lurking ghosts!

Are you ready? The train leaves the station on Thursday morning.....

Click here to view the rest of the kits available on the train!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

Witching Work

A bit on how the creative process works...

My original concept for Witchy Woman was to build a kit around Coh's Scraps Along Came a Spider poser set. I wanted it to be witchy and have a lot of spiders in it. With that in mind, I pulled a pallet, and put together 25 papers.

After a couple of days, while I was working on Ghost Stories, I decided I didn't like them, tossed 15 of them and started again, finishing up with 30 papers and 5 tags. I went to sleep and decided in the end, I hated the pallet. So I tossed everything, got a new pallet and started all over.

By this point, I'd named the product Witchy Woman - after another classic song. The new pallet is primarily purple and orange and as a result, the Coh posers, in red and black, no longer really fit in, but I didn't know that...yet.

I put together 30 papers this time - five of which would later be replaced because I was unhappy with them - and began building the frames, which turned out to be a bit of fun. Then I started working on the elements. When I finally go a fair bit together I went for a tag and decided Along Came a Spider was NOT working out.

I pondered this problem while I went back and started working on the rest of the kit. My next tag used "Incognito" from Aussie Scrap Designs:

Witchy Woman

While I love the poser, I didn't think she'd be a suitable replacement, in part because there are no standing poses in the package. Plus she's not really witchy enough. But spidery - yeah, she has that.

The spider web and the torches were added to the kit at this point.

Witchy Woman

I put together the "Granny Dianny" self-portrait seen int he background of this tag, and went looking for witches. Designs by Lou had just released Winnie the Witch and I felt she had possibilities. I don't like her face though, she just wasn't doing it for me.

Back to the drawing board....

Witchy Woman

Medi had a set of witches she'd done a while ago on her forum, and I so I used one in this tag and really like the result. The bats were also a late edition to the kit. Slight problem, I didn't have a CU license on her.

I mulled it over and wrote to Shannon and she was quite accommodating about the whole thing. You can now purchase the Sorcha set at TKO scraps and I had my witch!

Witchy Woman

So...I can now turn my attention to my Fangtasia contribution as well as another vampire kit I'm working on called "A Crazy Little Thing Called Blood". I'll let you think about that one for a while. LOL!

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Now in Stores: Ghost Stories

Ghost Stories

Lexi loves spooky stories. She loves reading them and telling them. And she loves ghost stories especially. She has little ghosts all over her room. She's seen every episode of Ghost Hunter on TV and can tell you the location of all the major haunted houses - not that she's ever been to one. But what she wants most of all is to meet a real live - er dead - ghost.

If you're looking for ghosts, you've come to the right place, as Ghost Stories has plenty of them lurking about!

This kit contains: 30 Patterned .jpg papers, 800 x 800 pxls & 124 Elements including 7 beautiful "Lexi" posers created by MediEvil Creations.

You also get 10 Candy Corns, 7 Flairs, 6 Spell Books, 5 Round frames, 5 Square frames, 5 tags, 5 bows, 5 ribbons, 5 brads, 5 ribbon wraps, 5 treat bags, 4 bats, 4 names plates, 4 lollies, 3 grassy borders, 3 haunted candles, 3 Haunted Trees, 3 Little Ghosts, 3 Sunflowers, 2 goth trees, 2 fences, 2 Jack-o-lantern strings, 2 pumpkins, 2 realty signs, 2 Haunted Mirrors, 2 "Undertaker" Haunted Delivery Vans, 1 tissue ghost, 1 lightning bolt, 1 beware sign, 1 black rose, 1 "Boo"tiful Tree, 1 patch of fog, 1 full moon, 1 toy ghost, 1 Ghosts Lurking sign, 1 Haunted House, 1 oil lamp, 1 Spooky Mansion, and a Spooky Tree.

Taggers size, 300 DPI, Personal Use only.

It's a Hauntingly good time!

This kit has been retired and is available for FREE.
Download a copy HERE!

Some tags I worked up using kits other than mine...

The Summoning

The Summoning

I did this one up using the Eerie Hauntings taggers kit by Gothic Inspirations. I bought it as soon as it came out - had to have it. LOL! The Hocus Pocus witch is (c) by Perfect Posers, and the Creepy Face alpha is by Nutshell Creations. (Nutshell Creations is Morgana, who does the wonderful newsletter for Scrappetizing.)

Be-Witching Woman

Be-Witching Woman

I'm on the CT for Scraps by j0eswife - Tanya - and I asked for her "Boo to You" mega kit to do a tut with. However, there's so much of it, I decided to do a few tags until I figured out what I wanted to do. This one uses one of the witches included in the kit - it's (c) Outlaw by Design. The Bloody Mess alpha is courtesy of Free Digital Scrapbooking and is NOT included in the kit. That's about the only think that isn't in there. LOL.



Gothic ducky anyone? Vampy is (c) by Schnegge's Tuben. The scraps - including the word art and the ducky - are from the "Boo to You" mega taggers kit.

You can find "Eerie Hauntings", "Boo to You" and Vampy at Stargazer Scraps. Perfect Posers sells out of Aussie Scrap Designs, and Nutshell Creations can be found at Scrappetizing.

The Witching Hour

The Witching Hour

This is from a kit in progress called "Witchy Woman". This one is going to be a freebie! Well, for a week it will be free. But don't hold your breath. I'm stuck on a few things and it's not due until Mid-October, so there really isn't a rush just at the moment.

Just a bit of a sneak peak. The witch is courtesy of Coh Scraps, the Halloween alpha is by Crazy Diamond.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Coming soon: Ghosts - and lots of 'em!

These tags are from a new PTU kit I've been designing called "Ghost Stories". It's nearly complete, but there's a couple or three more things I want to do with it before I pack it up and send it to the stores.

Medi was sort of the muse for this one with her little Lexi poser. Lexi you see, loves spooky stories. She loves reading them and telling them. And she loves ghosts especially.

Ghost Stories 1
"Looking Fur" alpha by Heaven Dreams

She has little ghosts all over her room and haunted candles and the like. She's seen every episode of Ghost Hunter on TV and can tell you the location of all the major haunted houses - not that she's ever been to one.

Ghost Stories 2
"Bones" alpha courtesy of Free Digital Scrapbooking.

But what she wants most of all is to meet a real "live" honest-to-God ghost. Or would that be a real never mind.

So this kit was done along that theme and it has a lot of ghosts and skeletons in it. And haunted things, like a haunted delivery van...

Ghost Stories 3
Alpha by BeDeSigns.

...and a haunted mirror, or two.

This has been a really fun kit to develop. I know, I probably can't wait to get you hands on it. But believe me, it will be worth the wait.

Ghost Stories 4
Spooky Face Alpha by Nutshell Creations.

Not that none of the alphas used in the tags are part of the kit. They're just for tagging purposes only.

Thanks again to Medi for adorable little cookie creation! Have fun and hey - don't be afraid of no ghosts, okay?

Thursday, September 24, 2009

New in Shops: Nitro


Street racing: dark, deadly, illegal. Yet despite law enforcements best efforts to wipe it out, cars and drivers duel it out on urban roads, the need for speed erasing the need for caution.

This is a dark, urban style kit, that is versitile enough to be used in a number of different tags. There are 20 grunged .jpg papers, and 14 .png frames, plus 10 flowers, 5 star tags, 5 bows, 5 curled ribbons, 5 checkered ribbons, 5 star tapes, 5 fuzzy cuff sets, 5 ric-rac, 5 ribbon wraps, 5 brads, 5 fire charms, 5 heart charms, 5 beaded dragonflies, 4 street lights, 4 street racing cars, 3 traffic lights, 3 glitter swirls, 3 rose & razorwire rules, 2 car keys, Chicken wire overlay, 1 set of city buildings, 1 full moon, 1 funnel, 1 gas pump, 1 Jerry can, a traffic cone and a yield sign, plus 3 beautiful posers created by ©Perfect Posers.

300 DPI, PU/S4H okay.

Note: this kit has been retired and is available for FREE elsewhere on this blog.

Vine Line

I really need to get busy with Tutorials. I've only got one PTU kit left that I'm working on, plus two freebies which aren't due until the middle of October. Although I've got ideas a plenty, believe me.

Here's a couple of tags I did using my Spooky Lil Girl kit. Just a side note, now through the end of September, I'm doing a buy-one, get-one FREE at Sophisti-Scraps! That includes my Witchy Pooh bundle deal and my CU items as well.

Spider Cider

I'm using the Wendi tube pack by MediEvil Creations. I'm almost sorry I locked myself into the gumdrop witches for the series, as she looks wonderful against the pick and black scraps! The PTU kit I'm working on now includes some of Medi's posers, and I do have an idea for yet ONE MORE Halloween kit using one of Medi's creations but to be honest, I'd like to take a break and do a winter kit. LOL!

I-Scream anyone?

I love the haunted delivery vans. And I've got this idea for Monster Trucks. I REALLY need to learn Daz 3-D! Both these tags are blanks....If you want to snag them and add you name for your own personal use, that would be fine with me.

Anyway, back to the designing board....

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Midnight Magic freebie

Midnight Magic (Revised) photo DCD_MidnightMagic_TS.png

This is a kit I had done originally as part of a collab at Stargazer Scraps.  I have revised the kit and re-uploaded it as of April 30, 2013, so if you got it before that, you might want to snag the revised edition that is now available.

What sort of magic happens at the beach at night?  What washes up...and where does it go in the morning.  This beach themed digital taggers kit takes you surfside for an evening of wonderment.

The kit includes 12 papers and 40 elements, including one mermaid poser by ©Outlaw by Design.  You are also getting 5 ribbons, 3 sea shells, 2 bows, 2 frames, 2 orchids, 2 post cards, 2 surf boards, 1 anchor, 1 beach chair, 1 beach umbrella, 1 crescent moon, 1 dolphin, 1 drink, 1 label, 1 life saver, 1 little bird, 1 moonlight, 1 palm tree, 1 sparkles, 1 splash, 1 star curtain, 1 tag, 1 tiki bar sign, 1 tiki bar, 1 tiki, 1 towel, 1 vines, and 1 waves.

300 DPI. Personal use only.
Please remember that by downloading this kit you agree to my terms of use which state, in part that that that you cannot redistribute, rebroadcast, resale, or claim my graphics as your own. That means placing this kit on 4Shared, RapidShare or any other file sharing site for any reason is a strict NO-NO! That constitutes redistribution.

If you know someone who is interested in this kit , please direct them to my blog where they can download their own copy. Free to use is NOT the same thing as free to share. My graphics are copyright protected.

Plus I already pay for premium download service so you don't have to wait for your freebies, and the links stay here FOREVER, so you don't have to put this kit anywhere else to share it, just link to this post.

To download from MediaFire, click HERE.
The password is "Splash" - no quotes.

If you enjoyed this freebie, please take a moment to vote for Digi!

Over the Rainbow
Click on the blinkie to vote!

Remember that you can keep up with all the latest Digicats news and freebies just by liking us on Facebook, or following us on Twitter!

Oceana - Dianna photo Oceana_02282011Dianna.png

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Domestic Violence Awareness Month

DVA Month

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month, a charity that gets a heck of a lot of coverage. I was in Walgreens yesterday and they now have a whole BCA section set up.

October is also Domestic Violence Awareness Month and once again, we're urging everyone to "Go Purple for October" in support of Domestic Violence Awareness.

This is a personal issue in my family as my sister's first marriage was an abusive one. And growing up with an alcoholic mother resulted in abuse as well - something that as a kid, you really can't do anything about. The family knew about it too, but wouldn't step in.

Domestic Violence again hit home this weekend, when a family of six was found slaughtered in their Naples apartment, the father, and primary suspect in the case fled to Haiti. The victim's brother told the police that the marriage had "rocky" for ten years, and the suspect had been arrested for Domestic Violence four times over the last decade.

This didn't have to happen. But the cycle of abuse is so hard to break for most women.

Once again, Miss Diamond is serving as the Unofficial Spokes Cat for DVA. You can read her story and find out why HERE.

You can click on the tag above, or on the one on my sidebar to get more information on Domestic Violence, and how to stop it. As with Breast Cancer, early detection is the key. It's easier to stop the cycle before it starts, rather then break it after it's been going for a while.

You can also help by putting our DVA tag on your sidebar:

<center><a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" alt="Domestic Violence Awareness badge" width="200" border="0" height="200" /></a></center>

Thanks for reading and remember: Love doesn't hit.

SSLisa heads into the hospital for surgery and the Grand Prix cookies will have to wait on her return. That wasn't totally unexpected - although she released three new packages today and they are all awesome!

However, I had made alternate plans and just needed to decide which I was going to use.

Nitro 1
The duct tape alpha is by Maria LaFrance.

I had picked up the "Punk You" package from Perfect Posers. I love her work, but it's so expensive. However, it's been on sale for 1/2 price this month, making it affordable for this project, so....

She's a bit more British than I'd like, but she's got a lot of attitude. Right?

Nitro 2
Ur...the White Grunge alpha is by Dreams Fulfilled.

Fall back option two was the Star posers by Schnegge's Tuben. I have Schnegge's new kit to tut and she uses these posers in it. I dunno...I wasn't all that hot for her in this environment.

Nitro 3
(Foiled again alpha by Dundas Designs)

Other options where the Grand Prix girls by Untamed Angel or one of Incognito's packages, but I think I'm going to stick with Charly's punk chicky here. I can almost see her at the street race.

I should point out that street racing is dangerous and illegal. And that I once had a car that looked like the one in these tags, except for the paint job. And the spoiler wasn't that big. And she could hit a buck fifty without breaking a sweat.

Just a bit of my wild and crazy mis-spent youth.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Scrappetizing Freebie

Watch out! Get your garlic! Sharpen your stakes! Beware! Pigula is here!

Digi's Drac Pack

Pigula is now available as a part of Digi's Drac Pack!
Pigula is Commercial Use OK.
He may be used AS IS.

He may not be resold or redistributed as a Commercial Use item or as part of a tube collection. He must be included as part of a scrap kit. Please be sure to read and abide by the enclosed terms of use. Pigula is copyright protected

You can snag Pigula by CLICKING HERE.

Sunday, September 20, 2009

Freaky Frankie

I've seen sitting here procrastinating because I've finally found something I dislike more than word art and previews combined: my annual flu shot.

I've now decided I can put this off until Tuesday. ;P

In the meantime, I've been working on a new kit, which is going to be called "Freaky Frankie's Birthday Bash". This was not at all what I had envisioned.

Freaky Frankie

When Jessica from Gothic Inspirations released her Gothic Elements Grab Bag 2, she included in it a lot of mad scientist stuff like syringes and surgical masks. At first this puzzled me, but the truth is, that stuff really does scare me. Let's face it, I hate doctors.

So I said, Well, maybe I'll do a Frankenstein kit and I did sit down to work on it, but...Frankie evidently had other ideas.

He wanted to celebrate his birthday instead and so I've ended up with a Halloween/Birthday kit. Which is great. Frankie's not the only one who celebrates their birthday in October. I do too. And frankly (please pardon the pun) this is right up my alley.

Dance Frankie, Dance!

Except maybe for the disco stuff. Come on Frankie - dance, dance!

The fact that maybe I lurch around a lot like Frankenstein might have something to do with it as well. And I couldn't help throwing in some Grim Reaper stuff as I get ready to celebrate being older than dirt.

I'm still working on some tweaks, but I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Bat, rats and all.

Friday, September 18, 2009

New in Shops: Spooky Lil Girl

Spooky Lil Girl

Witchy Pooh and her friends are all ready to go out trick-or-treating on Halloween night. The little witch in your life is certain to want to go along after she sees this adorable kit filled with engaging characters and enchanting - and enchanted - items.

Done in shades of pink and black, it's just prefect, and way too cute to spook. You start off with 20 creepy papers. Add to that 15 frames including 5 glitter frames, 5 ribbons, 5 bows, 5 ric-racs, 5 tags, 5 buttons, 5 flowers, 5 fuzzy spiders, 5 lollies, 5 string wraps, 4 bats, 3 little ghosts, 3 magic wands, 3 treat bags, 3 potions, 2 Haunted I-Scream Vans, 2 full moons, 2 spooky trees, 1 Magical Orb, 1 beware sign, 1 cauldron, 1 cemetery signs, 1 crystal ball, 1 patch of fog, 1 Happy Halloween Sticker, 1 spellbook, 1 witch, 1 set of enchanted bubbles, 1 Rufus the cat, and 1 Witchy Pooh.

Saved to 300 DPI, personal use only.

Look! Here comes Witchy and her friends now! Quick, get the treats!

This kit has been retired and is now available for FREE elsewhere on this blog!

Thursday, September 17, 2009

It's Fangastic!


Bring out your UN-dead! The Fangtasia blog train is now forming and we've already got a pretty good group of designers on board. Need I say that Vampires are a hot commodity at this time of the year?

Click on the advert above to go to the train blog. You can sign up as a designer or just sign up to follow the blog so you'll be kept advised of all the updates to the train.

Fangtasia - the Blog Train with a Bite - leaves the station on October 15th and runs through Halloween night. We want to see YOUR best vamp!

Vine Line

I've been working on the "Pink" phase of the Witch Pooh series. This will be the 3rd and final kit, and then I'm going to package them all together and sell them as a bundle deal as well.

Pink, BTW, is not one of my favorite colors. I'm more of a blue person. That's why I did "Spellbook and Candle" first - I really like purple.

Spellbook and Candle

Danielle is quite ready for Halloween, but she's not going as a witch. She has a short and T-shirt set with bats all over it, so she's going as "Bat Girl". She's also got her plastic pumpkin all primed. The funny thing about this scenario, is she's not allowed to have any sugar, so any candy she brings home, for the most part, shows up at the office shortly there after.

In going back and playing this kit, I'm really pleased with the way it turned out as there are a lot of unique items in it. It's easy to fire up a script and make five fuzzy spiders and ten bonbons. It's a lot harder to find unique elements that fit the theme, which is what you'll find in this one.

Vampiric Charms

When I started work on "Vampiric Charms", I wasn't sure how the yellow was going to work out, but it turned out very well indeed. There are some great papers in this one! This is NOT the poser included in the kit. I'd already done a tag with that one, so I wanted to branch out a bit.

The "Looking Fur" alpha is by Heavens Dreams and is available at Scrappetizing. When you consider that you get 4 full alphas - full and capitals - plus numbers and symbols - $3.00 is NOT that bad of a price.

Spooky LiL Girl

So now we get to "Spooky Lil Girl", which is what I'm working on. I'm trying to find "different elements" to work with. One of the big ones was the haunted trees. I keep using the same ones, and I wanted something different. I finally decided to take cherry trees, which are kind of weepy anyway, and goth them up a bit. I think it turned out okay, and it's certainly different!

Anyway, "Spooky Lil Girl" should be out this weekend sometime, and you'll be able to grab it for 45% at Stargazers, Scrappetizing or Jungle Scraps. Or, you can take advantage of the BOGO deal running all month long at Sophisti-Scraps!

I also have a CU item that I need to finish up, it will be offered Monday as a store freebie at Scrappetizing.

Rowena wanted to know what I'm going to do in October if I'm doing Halloween now. Thanksgiving? Kind of. But I'm already looking at Christmas as well. But I do this every year. Last year we started Halloween early and by the time we got to October 31st, Anne and I both agreed we were Halloweened to death.

It's still my favorite holiday though.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Testing Time

Lisa was trying to decide which cookies to sell and which to put out as freebies. She sent two through the S-S Designers group last night, so I ran up some tags for her.

Jo of the Jungle

Harmony was my favorite of the two, but I think I was in the minority. The scraps are from my Jungle Love taggers kit which you can still get for free, but only for today. Tomorrow it becomes PTU, so be sure to snag it while you can. Same deal with the Indian Summer kit. It becomes PTU after today.

(The zebra alpha is courtesy of Tammy Jean Creations.)

Magical Vicki

Magical was by far the most popular of the two selections. I used my Midnight Magic taggers kit to put this together although the unicorn is by Scraps by Rags and not part of the kit. Neither is the grass, which was created by Granny Art. Moonlight Magic is a bit of a beach kit and I was trying to make it no too beachy.

(The summer sun alpha is by Shel Belle Scraps BTW.)

This Fae is very similar to a pair Lisa sent through a week ago, the gothy of of which I tagged out using my Spooky Town kit:

Gothy Lisa

I never did tag out the second one. I'd started but couldn't find something I was happy with. I really should go back and to that. Anyway...

(The Halloween alpha is by

Being in Lisa's test group is one of the things I love about selling out of Sophisti-Scraps, she makes the cutest little cookies. LOL.

This is one she wasn't have which, but I love it! Of course, I'd asked for a vampire and got it...

Little Miss Scare-All

She sent me another one which I've yet to tag out, one that's she' much happier with.

The last test cookie was kind of a surprise. I'd been working on a Street Racing kit when out of the blue, Lisa posted this one and said "What's wrong with it?"

I said...aside from the fact that it doesn't match the colors of the kit I'm working on?


Actually, it does, and I rescinded that statement. She's unhappy with the hair, but hey - we're all entitled to a bad hair day once in a while.

Anyway, I've pretty much finished up the Nitro kit, but as Lisa is working on a Grand Prix poser set, I'll hold up the release until I can include a couple or three of her posers in it.

I think you'll enjoy it.