Sunday, September 13, 2009

The Voodoo that you do

Over the past couple of weeks, with my boss breathing down my neck, I've been threating to make a voodoo doll of him and break his.

Of course, he never takes me seriously and seeing as I'm not a good little witch, he probably should.

However, I was nice I channeled my energy into a new Voodoo themed kit, which should be out in shops soon. The "Halloween Rose" poser in these tags is by Designs by Lou, and I have to say, she came out at just the right time and was just perfect for the kit.

Black Magic Woman 1

Ghosts do not bother me. I know they freak some people out, but I've been seeing them all my life. It seems it's a family talent. My mother sees them to, as did my grandmother. We can on occasion predict the future as well, but sadly, I've never been able to predict the winning lottery numbers...except once.

I was a pick three and I was very tempted to play 6-6-6. I know how much that freaks people out but I just knew...I didn't do it, I played something else. and sure enough that night: 666 came up.

Well, as I've stated before, I am Rosemary's baby. Can't expect me not to know my demonic stuff. LOL.

Black Magic Woman 1

We got onto the subject of graveyards on the S-S Designers list after Kimmie released her cemetery overlays. The graveyard down in Key West is all crypts above ground. Because you can't dig down more than a few inches before hitting water, they had to be built that way. Of course, not there are problems with the crypts crumbling and they are trying to keep the repair works together.

It's an interesting place to visit, and of course there are cemetery tours you can take, which helps with the repair work. These days, no one is buried on the island, the main cemetery is up the Keys aways, and is a more traditional "in the ground" type affair.

The Autumn alpha used in the tag is courtesy of Bits'N'Bobs.

Black Magic Woman 1

The bone alpha is courtesy fo Free Digital Scrapbooking. Even Jessica agreed that Halloween Rose was just awesome. You can purchase the entire pack over at Aussie Scrap Designs, or you can visit Designs by Lou on the web to find other stores she sells out of. She does some nice work.

Anyway, I do hope you enjoy Black Magic Woman as much as I enjoyed putting it together. I'm sure we all have our days when we know someone we'd like to cast a spell on. LOL!

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