Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Athletic Appeal is now FTU

 I had a request o make my Atheletic Appeal mini-kits free to use. ( Personal use only.) Each kit comes with 12 (3600 x 3600 pixel) .jpg papers and 36 .png elements. 300 DPI. Thee four kits match with my Hockey kit, which is available here.  They all use the same pallet, so they can be combined into one big sports themed kit.

To download the kits from Google Drive, click on the image for each part:

Please remember that by downloading these kits you agree to my terms of use which state, in part that that that you cannot redistribute, rebroadcast, resale, or claim my graphics as your own. That means placing this kit on 4Shared, RapidShare or any other file sharing site for any reason is a strict NO-NO! That constitutes redistribution.

If you know someone who is interested in these kits , please direct them to this blog where they can download their own copy. Free to use is NOT the same thing as free to share. My graphics are copyright protected.

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