Friday, May 23, 2008

Mouse Police

black cat,Diamond

I came home from the ballgame last night and found another little present. I acutally stepped on it - good thing I still had my shoes on! - and ended up jumping about 50 feet.

I guess the Savory Chicken and Salmon feast wasn't cuting it, as she'd eaten part of this one. She does that from time to time. So we're really not sure how big it was, but I'm guessing not much bigger than 3 inches, as at least one of the front paws was still attached.

I used the Not Guilty kit from Scrap Girls again. The "Rita Rat" folder is from Raspberry Road Designs Java Joe kit and the Bloody Mess lettering is from Free Digital Scrapbooking.

On a sad, side note, Scrappin Dead Girls is closing their store today.

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Going Dutch

Having completed the Aussie layouts, I was then asked what I was going to do for the Netherlands. THAT turned out to be easy, as the Dutch flag is just the French flag rotated to the left.

A Work in Progress had enclosed a French flag in her "The Red, White and Blues" freebie, so it worked out really well.

GCL Twins

The main problem was getting Stuify's name on it. Thank God for skinny lettering. Or in the this case, I should thank Shabby Princess, as this alpha is from their Urban Kiwi freebie.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008


I joined the Chaos Angel forums because well, I like the goth look and figure some instruction would be a good thing. I am on the Retrodiva forum as well, but don't interact much - I'm there mostly for the challenges which I am probably light years away from winning because, I've said before, I just don't know all that much.

Anyway the idea of TAGS came up and I'd forgotten about TAGS because most of the baseball forums I frequent don't used them. So...these are not really TAGS, but I guess they'll do until I get a bit more creative or until someone takes pity on me.

Gothic Envy Tag

Lil Devil

Monday, May 12, 2008

Back Ended

Eli Tintor

I told Eli I had a very nice picture of his back end but that I wouldn't embarrass him in front of his friends by making him sign it. (This does not mean I won't embarrass him by posting it on the internet.)

"Oh," he says. "What did you think of it?"

"Your back end?"


"Nice. It's a VERY NICE back end," I tell him.

"I've been working on it," he says. As if all the girls in the stadium weren't in love with him anyway.

Better he should work on his batting.

Anyway, maybe because it was Mother's Day, it was a good day for Freebies including a great little add-on mini-kit for Rock Devil, which you can find at Fall Angel Scrapz. There were also some odd bits that that I think she was working on for that kit but that didn't get included, so she offered it as a freebie.

So, this layout has sort of been perking in the back of my head and became reality. I should send it to Eli's mom.

Anyway, the full Rock Devil kit is available at Digital Chaos and I really like the look, so I'll have to buy the whole thing. There are some other interesting things at that e-shop as well.

The alpha, the heart and I think the black ribbon are from Scrappin Dead Girls' My Guitar Hero kit.

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

The death of Ratty Williams

When I got home from the game, I found Diamond pawing through her wardrobe bag. "You want to get dressed up?" I ask her, when suddenly a little head popped out. It seemed a rat - a pretty big one too - had taken refuge in it.

She'd already gotten it, as it's back had been broken and it's back legs were paralyzed, but it still managed to scoot out of the bag to under my computer desk, where she got her jaws on it and took it into the bathroom, her preferred killing ground.

black cat,Diamond

This was done with the "Not Guilty" kit from Scrap Girls. If you look close in evidence photo #1, you might notice an incriminating tail....


I had originally intended to sit with Alex and Tyler last night and watch the gun, but Jim was in the row behind them, so I decided to wait for another evening. I did however take Alex the pictures I'd take of him Saturday night.

And of course I took the layouts I wanted signed over as well.

"For me?" I says, when I hand them the envelope and then he saw what I was holding and said "I want THAT."

Fort Myers Miracle

This one specifically. "I'll get you one," I tell him.

"You can do that?" I'd hope so. I made it.

Fort Myers Miracle

He's the first one to actually ask. I'm sure this will open up the floodgates though.

Both are done primarily with the Starbound kit from 3 Scrapateers. The Alpha is the top one is the Metal Alpha from Scrappin' Dead Girls. The glass stars in the bottom one are from the Freedom kit from Scrap it Sassy. The red ribbon in the top one is from the Canadian kit from Scrap Girls. The Ribbon in the bottom on is from the "Home Run" kit - a freebie - from Kyra.

Monday, May 5, 2008


3 Scrapateers had an actual baseball kit that looked at least partially usable - it is - but while I was there I ran into this peweter alpha which in turn lead me to a kit called Starbound which is vintage americana.

All these pieces were done using the Starbound kit.

Fort Myers Miracle

Fort Myers Miracle

Fort Myers Miracle

Fort Myers Miracle

GCL Twins

Of all the reactions I've gotten, Drew's dad was probably the strangest. "What are you going to do with it?"

"I wanted to something different with the 8 x 10s. The same old thing gets boring."

For the most part, the boys are enjoying them.

This piece was done with several kits:

Fort Myers Miracle

The main kit was the Freedom kit from Scrap it Sassy with the nice glass stars, but the blue paper came from a freebie "Blue's Pack", the blue and red fibers are from Digital Freebies' American Charm kit, and the Stars & Stripes Alpha are a freebie from Free Digital Scrapbooking. It's badly composed, and when I took it over to Manny get signed, I told him where to sign it to balance it out.

"What I want to sign over here?" he asks. I explain that I should have cropped the photo and moved him forward and put the stars behind him, but that since it was unbalanced, if he signed it where I requested, it would fix the composition blunder. So he did as I asked.

"I really like the way you put the American Flag in my name," he said. (I also notice - if you enlarge the piece - that I failed to put the alphas on straight line. ::sigh::)

"Well," I said, "You ARE a two time All-American." He was just so pleased that I knew that.

Then I gave him this piece, for Guerra and asked him to hand it down to Deolis.

Fort Myers Miracle

"And you put the Venezuelan flag in that one for him. That's awesome!"

I did actually intentionally work the colors in, even though the layout was done with the Starbound kit. And if you look at the red paper closely, you'll notice all the Americana stuff on it. But it worked, and I was happy.

Anyway, I'm so glad that Manny forgave me for the bad composition on his piece. If you really want to see some bad photoshopping though, head over to Photoshop Disasters. Be prepared to laugh yourself silly.

She wanna be a rock star...

Friday as an educational day game for the Fort Myers Miracle, and the whole staff was providing entertainment for the children before the game started. This included a band in the reception area to greet everyone. Missy went over to the drummer, got him to move out of the way and started banging, in a rather experimental way, on the drum. "Show us your mad skillz Missy!" I yell at her and suddenly she goes into the drum solo from hell!

Fort Myers Miracle

Well, who knew? I assume Matt, who is the "new" Miss A-Miracle was a drummer on his high school band.

This layout was made with Scrappin Dead Girls My Guitar Hero kit.

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Knocked Up Thursday

knock knock joke

For more Knock-knock jokes, visit Camie's Kitties where they're having a Fun-Raiser!

This particular joke graphic was made with Karen Lewis' Little Safari kit from Digital Freebies. I also used the A Spring Garden kit and the Aloha kit from the same source in the making of the other graphics I've posted around the Cat Blogosphere.