Wednesday, May 7, 2008


I had originally intended to sit with Alex and Tyler last night and watch the gun, but Jim was in the row behind them, so I decided to wait for another evening. I did however take Alex the pictures I'd take of him Saturday night.

And of course I took the layouts I wanted signed over as well.

"For me?" I says, when I hand them the envelope and then he saw what I was holding and said "I want THAT."

Fort Myers Miracle

This one specifically. "I'll get you one," I tell him.

"You can do that?" I'd hope so. I made it.

Fort Myers Miracle

He's the first one to actually ask. I'm sure this will open up the floodgates though.

Both are done primarily with the Starbound kit from 3 Scrapateers. The Alpha is the top one is the Metal Alpha from Scrappin' Dead Girls. The glass stars in the bottom one are from the Freedom kit from Scrap it Sassy. The red ribbon in the top one is from the Canadian kit from Scrap Girls. The Ribbon in the bottom on is from the "Home Run" kit - a freebie - from Kyra.

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