Thursday, September 10, 2009

Treats! (And it's not even Halloween!)

It's all Hallows Eve.
The moon is full.
Will she trick or treat?
I bet she will.
~ Type O Negative

Spooky Town

We're only ten days into the month, and already I've way over spent on scraps. Of course, YOU will get the ultimate benefit from this, as much of the stuff I just recently bought is going into a kit I'm working on called Spooky Town. This is going to be a FTU kit - part of the October Ghost Train - and I think it's going to be quite special.

The above tag uses scraps from the kit in progress - it's no where near finished. The little Gothic cookie however is not part of the kit, she was a surprise pressie from SSLisa to to the Sophisti-Scrap Designers group last night. If this one wasn't good enough, she turned around and followed it up with a Vampire cookie, which I've yet to do a tag for. But check back tomorrow, okay?

Don't worry, you'll be getting some posers with the Spooky Town kit and they are all adorable in their own right. ;)

I even managed to find some of the things I was looking for in my backups, and you'll see on of them in the background of this tag. Check out the little ghost peeking from behind the headstone!

Yup, he's really too cute to spook!

I then got yet ANOTHER pressie - and it's not even my birthday - when Jo sent this tag through the group:

Vampire Girl

She's writing a tutorial for it and I got to be the guinea pig. Somehow, in this case, I don't seem to mind. :)

I also finally got to sit down and write a tutorial myself. It's only been a month and I swear, I've forgotten how to do it! LOL.

I used the lovely Witchful Thinking kit from Kiera's Creations, and you can the tutorial at Di Before Dawn tutorials.

I should have a few more coming up soon, so sit tight!

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