Wednesday, September 2, 2009

A is for Adam

I don't watch American Idol. My mother and my sister are addicted, but the program itself holds little or no interest for me. However, I do know a bit about what goes on from listening to the pair of them, and as I result I do know who Adam Lambert is. I also know - irregardless of the fact that he's gay - that he should have won. But the program is fixed, which makes it even less worth watching.

A is for Adam
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Anyway, my mother won tickets to see the American Idol tour at the Wolstein Center, so she and Carol went Sunday night. She said it was too loud and initially it was quite boring. The number 10 contest came on, sang three songs, and left, Then number 9 and so on and so fourth.

"Then the little red haired girl got up there," (um...that would Allison Iraheta, I take it) my mother said. "And she really got the crowd going. She did a fantastic job! But you know what was coming!"

Evidently the place went wild went Lambert hit the stage.

"Even your sister got up and was dancing around!" my mother said.

"He should have won," I said.

"Well, he's gay. You can't have a gay American Idol."

Why not? Isn't that against the whole idea behind the founding of America? Where you could make something of yourself, irregardless of class or birth (or sexual orientation, for that matter).

To me that's just wrong.

In any case, he did his bit, then he sang a duet with "the little red haired girl" and then it was time for Kris Allen, and my sister said...

"Ok. We can go now."

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