Sunday, December 12, 2010

Festival of Tutorials

Holiday Train - Jessica

I started out with this idea of doing a tut using all four of the mini-kits in Gothic Inspirations' Christmas Mini 4 Pack. I got Holiday Train done. Then I got to Christmas and got stuck because I had no tubes to match. But I've come up with a work around, I think, so maybe I'll get back to it.

The Amber Chen was part of our holiday present from You can try this tutorial at Di Before Dawn tutorials.

Delusional - Jessica

Wow! I really liked this kit! I am using Gothic Inspirations' Delusional kit. I really like the tube too, from Jenna Jacks, even though it has a little problem. (Some of the background was left in.) But it's okay, we can work around it.

You can get try this tut HERE.

Toxic Tonya - Marie

Tutorial #2 using Sky Scraps Toxic tagger kit. I am also using one of her tubes - Tonya.

Scraps and the City, your one stop shopping center! LOL! Try the tutorial HERE.

And finally, last but not least...

Festival of Horror - Jill

I dunno what happened to Jill. She fell off the face of the planet or something, so I broke down and bought the kit as I got tired of waiting.

The kit in question is Scream Queen, the PTU part of her Horror Whorez blog train contribution. You can snag the FTU part on her blog.

I am using the Alice tube by Sky Scraps. You can enjoy the Festival of Horrors HERE.

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