Wednesday, October 5, 2011

League Pages and TOU

I get asked this a lot so to clarify:

Some individual wish to make league pages or blog layouts with my kits. If you are accepting money to make these pages, what you are doing falls under Scrap 4 Hire. I do allow Scrap 4 Hire with my kits HOWEVER, I often use 3rd party posers who do NOT allow Scrap 4 Hire with their work. So I do not normally include S4H in my TOU.

You MAY use my FTU and PTU kit to make blog layouts, web page layouts and league pages etc, under Scrap 4 Hire as long as you are doing it on a client by client, individual basis.  The finished product must be personalized in some way for the client.  (For example, if you are doing a scrap page, you must include the clients pictures in the finished product.  You cannot provide them with a blank "quick page".)  You may not, for example, make a bunch of websets and list them for sale - that would constitute commercial use, and not S4H. The following copyright must appear on any finished work you provide to your client:

Graphics ©Digcats (& Dogs)

Additionally, you may NOT use the posers included in those kits without the prior consent of the artist who created them.I do include poser TOU and contact information in the poser folder in all of my kits so please read and abide by those terms of use. (Note that I may not have done that with all of my older downloads, although I am trying to update them all. This takes time.

If you have a question, always feel free to contact me for additional clarification.)

PU (Personal Use) can be used for your own personal non profit use only. You may not use these items to create things for sale.

S4H (Scrap for Hire) and S4O (Scrap for Others) is a service you offer to customers to earn money from - such as creating finished albums for them, or birth announcements, greeting cards and such that would be flattened. Where in your customer would not be getting the files to use themselves to create with, but a finished version of something from you in a non-editable format.

CU (Commercial Use) items may be used to make new products you sell as S4H / PU to your own customers.

CU4CU (Commecial Use for Commercial Use) may be made to make new products you sell as CU / S4H / PU to your own customers.

You may not use ANY of my products under ANY circumstances to create items for sale on Cafe Press, Etsy, Zazzle or any other similar site.



Unknown said...

Just wanted to say that you are a fabulous designer and wish you all the very best this Christmas and have a rewarding New Year!
Kind regards,

P Mabry said...

Just wanted to say, thanks for making it plain. ♥