Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Fractured Carols

Do you see what I see?
(Do you see what I see?)
A tabby, a tabby, shivered in the cold,
Now he's curled up on my fleecy all bold,
Now he's curled up on my fleecy all bold.

Tris & Diamond

So, Rowena has left for South Carolina. She was reading me the weather report and I said "It sounds like snow weather. You might have a white Christmas." Started dancing around all happy. She's never seen snow, it's one of those things she keeps wishing for.

Frankly I've shoveled enough snow in my life, so I'll stay in beautiful green Cape Coral. Although it's dropped into the 50's and the birds are flying around trying to stay warm.

Rockin New Year's Bubbly

This is a tutorial I wrote last night. It's very easy as the frame comes done for you, so there's only a few things to do, nothing too hard and nothing I don't explain. This is a good one of the beginning tagger.

You can find it at Di Before Dawn tutorials.

We're in the office for half a day today. Then I get to go home and fight for possession of the bed. Again.

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