Sunday, December 13, 2009

New Tuts

I came home Friday to a flood. One of the pipes had a pinpoint leak in it and of course, sending out an emergency call to the plumber go him there around 8 am Saturday morning. After I'd been bailing all night. ::sigh::

So I've been doing clean up. The rug is finally drying out - it smelled like a dirty, wet, wookie. I put carpet fresh on it, and now it smells like a dirty, wet wookie with carpet fresh on it. Very gross.

Let it Snow

This first tutorial uses Crazed's Creations Let it Snow taggers kit. I was keen to play with this one when she released it, and I was really happy with the kit.

You can find the Winter Fae tutorial at Di Before Dawn.

Kiss of Winter 2

Extrapolating a bit from the above tutorial, I did this tag using Schnegge's Kiss of Winter 2 blog train freebie and her Winter Girl poser pack. The elements are different, the layouts basically the same, and the frames are already done, you don't need to add anything to them.

I saw no reason to write up a separate tutorial. You're bright, you can figure it out I'm sure.

Wynter Solstice

I've become very fond of Nette's kits, so I used her part of the Winter Solstice collab for this tutorial for Scrapper's Secret.

I am using the beautiful artwork of Morgana Wynter for this. You can find the tutorial at Di Before Dawn. I need to get a few more of Morgana's tubes when I get paid, she's got some nice ones.

Five Golden Rings 1

When Julie released the "Mike on Ice" poser pack, I e-mailed her and said it looked nothing like MY Mike. I don't think he looked this good, even in his prime. And of course, he's into hockey, not figure skating.

With the winter Olympics coming up this year, I decided to base a kit on the poser pack and am putting together a kit called Five Golden Rings which will be available Monday, December 21st, exclusively at

Five Golden Rings 2

Winter sports not your thing? You can use it for some very nice winter tags as well, it's quite versatile. Needless to say, no, I don't look like the poser either. LOL!

No tutorials on those, they are sampler tags - consider them a sneak peak.

Please remember that I've got not one but two blog trains launching on Tuesday so be sure to stop back and collect your freebies.

Anyway, I think I need to jump in the shower and then head out to the store now, if only to get away from the smell of dirty wet carpet-freshed wookie for a while.

Then I'll have to sit down and make up some Olympic medals.

And here you thought I was nothing but a party girl!

A New Beggining 2

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