Sunday, June 6, 2010

Nocturnal wanderings

One of the things I miss about living in the Miami-Dade/Broward area is the Miami Book Fair. Even when they got authors in I never heard of, the talks were informative and I discovered some new reading material.

There was one lady - a murder mystery writer whose name escapes me - she'd had like two or three books under her belt at the time and I read all of them after the discussion - who related some very amusing bits about writing murder mystery.

One was the "dinner conversation" at a fancy restaurant she'd had with another writer in which they discussed ways to get rid of dead bodies. The dinners at the next table, overhearing parts of the conversation, kept shooting them the weirdest looks. least they didn't call the police!

Another was the night she was at home alone, writing and the fridge became possessed and started making strange noises and scared the crap out of her. (Mine makes strange noises all of the time.)

And finally, there was the reaction of her husband, while she was reading him excerpts from one of her books while they were laying in bed one night. And the amusing bit was, her husband is a law enforcement officer.

What brought this on was, while I was not sleeping Friday night and sitting here working on the Verity kit, I wondered if it bothered Mike at all that I was spinning out dark visions while he was having sweet dreams.

"Well, that's why I try not to piss you off too much," he said, eyeballing one of the bookcases in which the Anne Rule books are stored. "Because, you know, I'd go to work one day. All the neighbors would see me leave, but I'd never get there. They'd find my jeep parked on the side of I-75, but my body would never be recovered."

Honestly, he's a little tough and stringy. I just don't see a gator wanting to eat him.

However, I still have that discussion on 50 ways to dispose of dead bodies to fall back on if need be. ;)

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