Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Buckle your Swash

Seven Seas

"Me?" he says "Or Errol Flynn?"

"You. Much hotter." See, some days I can play this game and I don't even have to lie. Flynn had better boots, but boots are a negligible point as you don't wear them to bed.

"Oh really?"

But now comes the trick question.

"Me? Or Johnny Depp?"

"Sorry. This round goes to Depp."

"Figures," he says.

"However, if you'd care to re-grow the goatee I can reconsider my opinion."

He grouses about it being too hot. Seriously? Did real pirates complain about the heat all the time?

Yeah. Probably. They were just men, after all.

Anyway...yes another Pirate kit on the way and another addition to the beefcake series PLUS, a related Commercial Use package...all for you to look forward to!

Two Dollar Tuesday is over, but I've left my prices set to $2 on all my taggers kits at Aussie Scrap, so head on over and take advantage of the special price!

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