Friday, January 14, 2011

Freebie Friday: Pieces of Eight

Pieces of Eight photo

Avast there ye scurvy dog. Is it be treasures yer after? Well now, I know me of a chest just bursting with all sort of gems and gold!

Legend you say? Aye that may be, but it's a legend written on 36 patterned 800 x 800 .jpg papers. And look at all these other things ye'll be finding: 12 Frames, 11 tags, 6 bows, 6 ribbons, 6 ric-rac, 6 string wraps, 6 flowers, 6 doodles, 6 knot bows, 6 stick pins, 4 ropes, 3 shells, 3 sandy borders, 3 word arts, 2 parrots, 2 sharks, 2 palm trees, 2 pirates, 1 pelican, 1 anchor, 1 barrel, 1 candle, 1 chest, 1 dead man's chest, 1 dog, 1 gold doubloon, 1 hat & boots cluster, 1 jug, 1 set of keys, 1 lantern, 1 piece of eight, 1 pirate ship, 1 pistol, 1 rose, 1 ship charm, 1 skull, 1 treasure box, 1 undead monkey, 1 bandanna, & 1 eye patch.

Aye, it's a treasure all right. A treasure full off fun! So climb on board and join us as we sail the seven seas!

But be sure to mind Capt'n Silver lest she feed ye to the sharks. Arrrr!

This is a formerly PTU kit that is now FTU.

Please remember that by downloading this kit you agree to my terms of use which state, in part that that that you cannot redistribute, rebroadcast, resale, or claim my graphics as your own. That means placing this kit on 4Shared, RapidShare or any other file sharing site for any reason is a strict NO-NO! That constitutes redistribution.

If you know someone who is interested in this kit, please direct them to my blog where they can download their own copy. Free to use is NOT the same thing as free to share. My graphics are copyright protected.

Plus I already pay for premium download service so you don't have to wait for your freebies, and the links stay here FOREVER, so you don't have to put this kit anywhere else to share it, just link to this post.

To download from MediaFire, click HERE.
The password is "Ahoy Matie" - no quotes.

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High Seas


elizabeth said...

awesome thank you

Clumsinumptie said...

Many thanks for this fabulous share. Much appreciated. xx

Lily said...

So cute kit, thank you very much

Lily said...

So cute kit, thank you very much