Saturday, February 5, 2011

Fun with Names

This all started out because Vicki a.k.a. Gemini Creationz wanted a cutesy nickname like everyone else in TKO Scraps. I suggested Tricksy Vicksi, but she said that sounded to much like a hooker's name. Well, I mean, we are working for Pimpin' mean, Luscious Dazzle, so that would be approriate right?

In any case, I couldn't find a hooker name generator, but I did find these:

Your Pimp Name Is:
G-string Mystery

Your pimp hand is strong!

Your Adult Film Star Name Is:
E.Z. Lay


Exotic Dancer Name Is:


So one of my fellow designers suggested we all change our names to one of our new names. I came up with:

Xanadu Creationz logo

And that's where the Sexy Silhouettes came in....

Guess I should finish up pack 2 and get them into the store before Valentine's Day...

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Gothic Inspirations said...

LMAO...yes you should get the 2nd pack in. That was a great read btw. Jess