Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Celebrate America the Steampunk way!

Benjamin Franklin, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edision, Eli Whitney, the Wright Brother, Samuel Morse...the list of names of American Inventors is long and well known. But perhaps less well know are some of America's greatest inventions, like the skyscraper, the zipper, the phonograph, the ferris wheel, the post card and, yes! the cupcake! to name just a few.

American Steam pays tribute to the American Spirit of ingenuity and integrity and captures all the promise, youth, and energy of the Steampunk movement in America.

This digital taggers kit is composed of 20 papers and 100 elements, including two posers by @Elisa Designs. Included in this kit are 10 frames, 6 bows, 6 flowers, 6 ribbons, 5 tags, 3 gears, 3 rockets, 2 cupcakes, 2 fireworks, 2 word arts, 1 air balloon, 1 air ship, 1 bald eagle, 1 balloons, 1 banner, 1 bicycle, 1 blue swirl, 1 boots, 1 bunting, 1 butterfly, 1 carousel horse, 1 cello, 1 chain, 1 clock, 1 colored smoke, 1 compass, 1 dalmation, 1 Declaration of Independence, 1 Empire State Building, 1 eye swirl, 1 flag, 1 flower swirl, 1 flying flat, 1 gauge, 1 glasses, 1 glitter splat, 1 goggles, 1 gold star, 1 hat, 1 horseless carriage, 1 journal, 1 key, 1 mask, 1 medallion, 1 metal mesh, 1 musical notes, 1 pin, 1 postcard, 1 rust heart, 1 shield, 1 skull USA, 1 sparkler, 1 sparkles, 1 star lights, 1 star swirl, 1 steam, 1 steampunk world, 1 streetlight, 1 victrola, 1 vine, 1 wall, and 1 watches.

300 DPI. Personal use only.

O Canada! There's so much more to you than just red and white! This gradient pack includes 15 gradients in PSP and PS format featuring colors to be found in and around Canada and her cities.

Gradient newbies will find it fast and easy to install their gradients and get up to speed in creating with them using our easy tutorials!

15 matching color schemes are also included.

This pack is CU4CU ok!

Sorry! This product has been retired and is no longer available!

American Steam is available at:

Mystical Scraps Designer Blinkie  Digi Graphic Designs Blinkie
Wilma4Ever Blinkie  Digi Divas Blinkie

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