Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Digital Chaos

A couple of new kits out at Digital Chaos have caught my eye. A Moonlit Night by Tizzy's Angel is one. I got the associated freebie, but I need to buy the kit. This piece uses her Gothic Envy kit.

Night is a magical of time of day anyway, and here Diamond has found a magical portal to step through and into a Gothic Garden of delights. The little green dragon is from Kristin's Wicked Scrapz and was a freebie.


The other is the the A Pirate's Life kit from Yarrow. This is the "Elizabeth Swan" type of pirate, very feminine. And of course, Miss Diamond is every bit the lady pirate. This is a freebie associated with this one as well, and this design was done from the Freebie Add On.

Cute Cat

I thought I'd get Diamond dressed up for 4th of July, so I should have some new pictures coming soon. I've just been busy scraping the baseball boys, which works in well with my photographing and autographing hobbies.

And yes, I've been having a bit of fun with the boys of late, something which doesn't seem to bother Cole in the least:

Fort Myers Miracle

The background is from the aformentioned Gothic Envy kit, the knight emblem and the dragon wrapped around the staff is from A Dragon's Lair kit at Digital Freebies, the Chrome Dragons charms were a Digital Freebies find, which I don't have the information for just at the moment, and the Metal Alphia is of course from NettieB Scrapz.

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Mickey's Musings said...

Those are SO nice!!!!!!!!
I love your work :)
You have great imagination.I'm jealous,heeheehee