Monday, July 14, 2008

Knights of the GCL

Liam, I think, has been refering to Reggie as "Sir Reginald". I found this amusing and sort of expanded on it, so we now have the Knights of the GCL series.

Not that any of these kids have "killed" anything substantial. Just some orioles and a couple of pirates.

Reggie Williams

Danny Rohlfing

Aaron Hicks

Tyler Ladendorf

I keep wanting to do one for Mike, and make it "Sir" Michael Dragonsbane, but he won't actual tangle with any Dragons until he gets into the Midwest League and visits Dayton. Although, since they are a Reds affiliate and they have faced the GCL Reds, I suppose one could argue they've faced dragonettes.

Somehow, "Sir" Michael Birdiesbane just does not have the same ring.

These were all done using the Dragon's Lair kit from Digital Freebies.

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