Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Hard Rock with Helly

This is from Helly's Hard Rock Mama kit which I got because (1) it was Rock and Roll themed and (2) because I really liked the stars in it. There's a bit of word art in it that says something like 30 years and still rockin' by which I take to understand that Helly is still a pup.

When I seem to be lacking in inspiration, I go back to rock and roll. This is not the use of the kit that Helly ever envisioned, I'm sure, however, I started out with Mike because, well...Mike is Mike.

Mike Gonzales

So then I used it...conservatively for my new little buddy Javier:

GCL Twins

Then yesterday, having more or less used all the standard stuff for Whit and Sing, I did these two...

Fort Myers Miracle

Fort Myers Miracle

And one for Foxy, just because I could, although I have a lot of catching up to do where Matty is concerned.

Fort Myers Miracle

And finally, I was felling kind of artsy, and came up for this one for Sing which...I REALLY like...

Fort Myers Miracle

Yes, I realize I probably really like it because it's mostly black and white. I wonder if I should have gray scaled the photo and if it's too late to go back and do that?

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