Saturday, May 29, 2010

Unnatural Thoughts

Unnatural Thoughts

Check out this hot new tutorial from Sarah at Concrete Angelz Tuts using my new Atomic Dawn taggers kit. She's also using one of my favorite tubes, the Lana 1 tube by Sky Scraps.

You can try this tutorial at

But wait...there's more....

Just released....

Guilt Preview

You know what happened. You were there. Of course you were. You know exactly what happened. But where you the only one? Did someone else see? Is someone else watching you? Who else knows? Who else suspects? Just tell me one thing...


Guilt it a kit for those who have done something wrong and know it. It weighs on your mind. It eats at your composure. Soon you're sure everyone knows. Everyone is watching you.

20 Gothic (800 x 800 pixel, .jpg) papers that are sure to make you look over your shoulder, plus 101 darkly paranoid .png graphics, to help you work out those feeling weighting heavily on your mind.

300 DPI, Personal use only.

Available at:

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