Tuesday, October 27, 2009

A bit of Medical Mayhem

Gothic Inspirations

I've mentioned before that I like to save the best for last, but I'll be honest in saying my interest in the things medical is not all that strong. I don't like doctors. I don't have alot of faith in them. Probably not surprising, given my medical history and the fact that there's not a lot they can do to take care of what is wrong with me.

So, this time, I snagged the Gothic Inspirations part of the train first, and that's what I played with, first. Jessica said of her kit that it's "Really a cluster frick of a mess.

"I couldn't decide which way to create, and it ended up just a huge mixture of stuff between vanity/vintage/medical/mid evil."

Actually I got more the feeling of the late Victorian era, about the time Jack the Ripper was terrorizing Whitechapel. So I sort of went that route with the tag.

It's a bit uneven, but it's not a bad kit by any means, so be sure to stop by her blog and snag it.

Designed by Stina

Stina's kit was the other one is was really interested in playing with, as she did Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde. I think she went a bit overboard, but you have to give her props for inventiveness.

I can't really tut this because the masks I used are no longer available, but I still can't redistribute them. Hope you like it though, I was having fun with the blood. :)

The alpha in both is by Sarah Bryan, part of the Gothic Inspirations Hallows Eve Blog Train.

Crazed's Creations

Now for something a little more caring is the Tender Loving care kit from Crazed's Creations. Danielle had to go in for a physical Friday so she could get her gold card so that Rowena could register her for Kindergarten NEXT year before all the spots fill up. She's already been shut out of the magnet school, so it's a private academy for her at this point.

They had to draw blood - just a little prick on her finger - but she's been through so much even that little bit scared her. She could probably use one of those big fluffy bears.

The Mother's Love alpha is by Aleah's Mommy Designs from a template by Scrappin' Cop.

PSP Girl

I had originally planned to do something more traditional than the witch doctor's kit, and use SSLisa's nurses, but boy, am I glad I hit on a different idea. To say Lisa's nurses are overused on this train is a bit of an understatement!

This portion of the train comes to us from PSP Girl. She has some nice FTU templates on her blog, BTW, and if you're looking for her designs, you can find them at Scrappetizing.

The bloody mess alpha is courtesy of Free Digital Scrapbooking.

HippieDaze Scraps & Such

HippieDaze's templates were well represented on the train, but no more so than by HippieDaze herself. She also has a couple of Lisa's nurses in her kit, but I decided to use one of the Dr. Jaime tubes from Lacy Clagg.

I have no idea where the red felt alpha came from as they're no TOU or preview with it. I got around Valentine's Day, but it worked well with the medical theme.

I'm not really happy with the way I did the frame, but I'm not feeling well enough yet to bother with fixing it. :P

Wicked Princess

Wicked Princess has an amusing sense of humor, so I found her idea of Nurse Naughty was kind of fun. This is from the add on which is a part of the train. She has a taggers sized kit too, by the same name, available at Aussie Scrap Designs.

It seems Cookie has found a new way to take care of her patients...only two to a bed, please!

Eye Opening Designs

Eye Opening Designs use her portion of the train for Diabetes Awareness, which I thought was awesome. I have several friends who are diabetic, one who is insulin dependent. My Grandfather, after years of drinking, was diagnosed with Diabetes as well, but his manageable with diet and exercise.

Clocks become very important to a diabetic, as you are on a set schedule and don't have a whole lot of leeway. Great work and a worthy cause.

Anyway, that's seven and I haven't decided if I'm going to do the rest of the train. I really need to get back to designing - which would be easier if I felt better. Needless to say my ride so far has not cured what ails me.

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Gothic Inspirations said...

LMAO...thank you for working with my kit hun. Fab job. Once again I never fail to get entertained as well as my history lesson in one sitting.