Friday, October 9, 2009

Ghost Train Running

I've been goofing off for the week, doing tutorials and creating some tags, which was a lot of fun.

The October Ghost Train liked to bill itself out as the largest blog train ever, but I would question that statement. I got about 2.5 gigs of scrap off the Lucky blog train, which had fewer designers. And while I didn't grab all the pieces of the Christmas Around the World Blog Train, I seem to recall it having 194 designers participating.

The Ghost Train had 108 on the final roster, although some of them never got their parts up.

I have no intention of tagging the entire Ghost Train. For one thing, I'm not - except for some notable exceptions - taking full size kits. And some of the taggers kits I did take are nearly impossible to work with.

I also deleted one of the kits I'd downloaded because the designer is engaging in digital piracy. We're not sure if she's just too ignorant to realize what she's doing or if she just doesn't care. However, as the eye patch fits...she might as well wear it.

There are a lot of element packs and mini-kits in it. I should combine the mini-kits, I'd get better tags out of the deal. In any case, I enjoy doing Halloween tags and the blog train kits are free so...]

Ghost Train

Melli is (c) by MediEvil Creations. The scraps are from Crazed's Creations portion of the kit and the Creepy Faced alpha is by Nutshel Creations. It'a available for purchase at Scrappetizing if your looking for it.

Ghost Train

I love the darling cat in this kit - she looks like my Miss Diamond. Wendi is (c) by MediEvil Creations, and the scraps are from Coquetta's Designs. The Halloween Town alpha is from I Don't Give a Scrap and is a part of the train. I'm going to use it a lot on the upcoming tags.

Ghost Train

Webmistress is (c) by Bits'N'Bobs, while the scraps are from Tooty Pup. I love that web - it's fab! The Creepy Alpha is by Winter's Loft and is FTU part of the Gothic Inspirations Blog Train.

I've never used any of Tooty Pup's kits before, so I was rather curious about playing with this one. It did not make me want to run out and buy more, but neither did it turn me off completely, so if I see something from her I might like, I would probably pick it up.

Ghost Train

The Mummy is (c) by Lady Anne/Inspired Dezignz, and is available on the train. The scraps are from Tyger's Tidbits, except for the word art, which is courtesy of Ginger's House. The Bones alpha is courtesy of Free Digital Scrapbooking.

I think all of the masks I'm using came from Wee Scots Lass. I use hers the most often, simply because they are pretty darn useful.

Ghost Train

The sweet little pumpkin witch is from Outlaw by Design; the scraps are from Simply Iresistible Designz' Halloween Town taggers kit. The Little Monster alpha is courtesy of Free Digital Scrapbooking.

Ghost Train

I love Creationz by Jo, so this was one of the full sized kits I made an exeption for. Then of course I resized it for taggings. Niedre is (c) by MediEvil Creations. I love the great big ghostly skull in the background. So creepy!

Ghost Train

Widowmaker is (c) by MediEvil Creations. The scraps in this tag are by Anti Social Distortions. The rain curtain is by Kissed by Pix and is not part of the kit, I just thought it looked better with the rain in the background.

So that's the first seven. Check back tomorrow for another seven. ;)

To snag any of these kits, visit the Ghost Train Station and you'll be directed to the correct stops.

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