Thursday, October 8, 2009

Coooookkkeeeee MONSTER!

These first two tags feature Cookies from SSLisa's Gothique pack. I'm using my Sleepy Hollow taggers kit for the scraps, the masks are from Wee Scots Lass, some of her new Halloween ones.

Sleepy Hollow
The "Spooktacular" alpha is a PTU one by Cora's Creations.

Bloody Jane
This one was a seasonal play on friend Merry Jane's name. The Bloody alpha is from Designs by Sarah Bryan, part of the Gothic Inspirations Hallows Eve.

These next three are "Elvira" cookies that Lisa was working up for the Fangtasia Blog Train. The Cast Iron alpha was a FTU alpha from Doodles from my Noodle. I don't know that it's still available on line. I've had it for so long I actually forgot I had it!

Elvira 1
The scraps are from my forthcoming Witchy Woman taggers kit. Look for this one to be released at Scrappetizing on October 19th. It will be in my other stores the following weekend, October 26th.

Elvira 2
I used my Freaky Frankie's Birthday Bash tagger kit for this tag. You can do strictly Halloween things with it, you don't have to generate a birthday themed tag.

Elvira 3
Lisa said this was her favorite, and I have to agree. The scraps are from my Crazy Little Thing Called Blood taggers kit.

Incidently, contrast Lisa's cookies with an earlier model that I'd gotten from Deanna's Dreams:

Just Emo 1
Scraps from the Just Emo taggers kit by Scrappin with Lil Ole Me.

Lisa's are about a billion times more sophisticated. ;) Krystal is not a cookie though, I should probably clarify that one.

On a side note and just in time for Halloween, I had a weird automated call from the Lee County Sherrif's Office notifying me that there is a registered sex offender living in my neighborhoon. They gave an address on 35th, which makes it a pretty big neighborhood, as that's on the other side of the Del Prado canal. They also gave the name and a description, but went on to say that he was NOT currently wanted by the police.

Cape Coral is a very low crime area, but perhaps I should start locking the doors now?

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