Sunday, October 11, 2009

Two tuts and seven tags

I know, you all are looking for more Ghost Train tags. LOL!

First however, Rose from Rose's Tuts and Tags did an awesome tutorial called "Beware" using my All Hallow's Eve taggers kit.


Rose writes great tuts, so it's a bit of an honor to have her tut one of my kits. You can find the tutorial at Rose's Tuts & Tags.

I also wrote a tutorial, for my friend's daughter, Danielle. She's five and pink and sparkly are her two big things, so it's pink and it's sparkly!

Pink Gossamer BCA Tutorial

I used the FTU BCA kit from Gothic Inspirations for it. I love the dragonfly charm BTW, and while Jessica says pink is not her color, I think she did a good job with the kit. You can find this tutorial at Di Before Dawn tutorials. that that's out of the way, on to the Ghost Train tags...

Ghost Train - Lorraine

Lorraine from Artlor was feeling under the weather, so I did a tag in the hopes of cheering her up. She didn't give us a lot in her kit though. The paper and the Edward cutie are hers, the fog is mine, the frame is from Jo's DZigns, part of the train, and the Ghost was a freebie Sky Scraps. The Halloween Town alpha by I Don't Give a Scrap is also a part of the train.

Ms. Devyl is (c) by MediEvil Creations and was one of the freebies available on the Poser Emporium board until late last month.

Ghost Train - Missy

Sticking with Ms. Devyl for a moment, I then swing over to Scraps with Attitude and Missy's contribution to the train.

This is a fun part of the train, but then most of Missy's stuff is fun.

Ghost Train - Julie

Next we get to Bits'N'Bob's offering. I've not seen this witch before, so I'm assuming it's one of Julie's renderings. I think I like her Hallow's Eve kit better though, I was a little disappointed in this one. I have yet to play with her Monster Mash one.

Ghost Train - Susan

Back to Medi's posers again, and what has proved to be the best kit I've worked with on the train so far. HippieDaze is the designer and I loved it so much, I actually went out and bought one of her kits over at SWA. Fabulous stuff. And her templates are awesome BTW. If you've never checked her out before, do so and be sure this kit is on your list to snag.

Ghost Train - Stina

Stina recently started designing and I keep looking at her kits, because they look interesting but to date, I'm not willing to part with $3 for on. Her part of the train does not make we want to part with $3 for one either. It's a perfectly acceptable part of the train and there's nothing wrong with it, it's just now outstanding.

The little vamp girl is one of Bits'N'Bobs renderings. Fierce looking isn't she?

Ghost Train - Lis

Another new designer on the scene is PSPGirl who just started selling with me out of Scrappetizing. Prior to that, all of her stuff as FTU. She does good work and I really like all the colors in this kit. While I've not picked up one of her PTU kits, I have no doubt I that I will be doing that sometime in the not so distant future.

The Alpha came with the kit, BTW, and I'm using one of Medi's cookies.

Ghost Train - Alyssa

The final offering for today is from Alyssa's Scraps and Such and I had a lot of fun with this done. I love the glitters. The alpha is by Myst Design and is also part of the train. And isn't the black cat adorable?

The witch poser is a new one from Medi and frankly I don't think we need any more Halloween posers. Time to focus on Thanksgiving/Winter/Christmas. I'm already planning my Big Black Christmas Cat kit. Heh!

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