Saturday, March 13, 2010

Tag, you're it!

The spring breakers in Fort Myers were treated to a lot of liquid sunshine yesterday. We all were, for that matter.

For a while it looked more like we had a hurricane coming in than anything.

Spring Break

Remember if you can't get to the beach, you can still ENJOY the beach with my new Spring Break taggers kit.

Rainy Season

Perhaps more appropriate for the March weather is my Rainy Season kit. One of my friends made the comment that it never looks this nice when it rains by them. On the whole, it doesn't look this nice when it rains here either, at least - not until we get our summer thunder storms and you get the really dramatic skies going.

This is also great kit if you love fairy tags - or just fantasy in general.

Seasons in the Mist

Equally pleasing for fantasy lover is my Seasons in the Mist kit. This is pure fantasy with castles in the clouds, fairy ladders, rainbows and flower blooms. Perfect for spring, and you can even leave the rain out, if you wish.

Angels Among Us

Lisa of Sophisticated Scraps and Imaging is well known in the tubing community for her fabulous Cookie poser creations. But she's equally good with her non-cookie creations as well, as you can from this beautiful tag which as created using my Dark Angel taggers kit.

I've never been a big fan of ballet - that was always my sister's thing, not mine - but I have to say that the ballerina angel is exquisite! You can still grab a freebie sampler of this kit at Scrapper's Secret but I'm leaving that store, so if you don't grab it now, you won't be able to get it later. My last day for selling there is March 16th.

Boopsy Gras

Mardi Gras is over - except at Universal Studios - but you can still enjoy the fun and pageantry of carnival with my Mardi Gras taggers kit. There are 10 gorgeous masks in this kit for you to play with, plus beads and three of the adorable Betty Boop cookie posers by (c)Perfect Posers.

A Spring Garden

All these kits are available at all my stores. One you won't find anywhere else though is my Spring Garden taggers kit. You can only find that one at Just4Taggers. Currently it's part of the monthly Just4Taggers, but I believe it will become available as a single kit on or around March 15th.

This is another fantasy themed kit and that includes beautiful Peggy and Penny Pony posers from (c)Perfect Posers. I thought the centaurs were a bit unusual, and I hope that you will enjoy creating with them.

Monday - I will also have a special freebie for you, so be sure to stop by and and grab it. It's a brand new St. Patrick's Day themed kit - just a bit of Irish Gold for your pot!

Irish Gold

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