Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Sneak Peek - Freedom's Ring

I got into this patriotic mood - I just love these posers that Sinful Mindz did - and so I decided to do a nice little patriotic kit, even though it's not really "that" time of the year. May - yeah sure - with Armed Forces Day and Memorial Day but...

What the heck. It's a free country. I can wave the flag when ever I feel like it! :)

Freedom's Ring 1

The kit is called Freedom's Ring, and it will be out soon. It includes two of Sin's posers.

Freedom's Ring 2

Lots of fireworks, a good bit of bling - I even tubed the Liberty Bell and put in there. LOL!

Freedom's Ring 3

Then this morning, Istopped by MPT and picked up from 4th of July tubes to play with. Okay, okay...I got some bunny tubes too. Maybe I'll even do a tutorial or two with the bunny tubes.

So...yeah...coming soon. Maybe even before tomorrow's St. Patrick's Day block party. :)

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