Monday, March 29, 2010

Another Sneak Peek

The blue screen of death came to visit my computer Thursday night and while I lucked out and go it to boot up Friday morning, it had all sorts of disk errors and demanded a reformat. So...I was able to recover some stuff - quite a bit actually - the important stuff, you know. But I'm going to have to reinstall all my graphics files, which is a pain in the butt (not to mention hard work).

Anyway...this was a kit I'd started working on a while ago and kind of put it to the side because I didn't want to do the extractions. However, needing a break from installing files and or zipping up and loading kits to TKO - I've joined team TKO as a designer - I did the extractions. And since I'd puchased quite a bit of vintage stuff recently, I was able to find what I needed to finish off the kit.

It's called Clockwork Angel - it's a Steampunk kit - and it will be in Maybe tomorrow.

Steampunk,Vintage,Gothic,Sky Scraps,Decades

Once again, I am using the absolutely fabulous poser work of Marie at Sky Scraps. It was - in fact - her poser work that inspired me to do the kit.

Gothic,Steampunk,Decades,Vintage,Sky Scraps

To a certain extent, I hate the kit because it's so dark. Element by element, it just doesn't seem to work. When you combine them however, the results are simply stunning.

Keith Garvey,Gothic,Steampunk,Vintage,Decades

This third tag uses one of the new Keith Garvey tubes, which is, in itself, stunning. Anyway, look for this in my stores soon. And who knows, maybe you can catch a bargin and snag it at either my April 1st Snap Sale (selected kits will be available for $1.00 - which is most of the inventory) or at one of the upcoming weekend Easter sales!

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