Monday, June 8, 2009

Fishing Tales Told Here

Rowena had asked me if I was doing a Father's Day kit and I said "Well, I have my fishing kit. It works for Father's Day". She was thinking more about a tool fool kit.

I mean come on now, this is Florida. What male does she know in Florida that DOESN'T fish?

(Then again, this was the girl at ordered Salmon - trucked in frozen from Montana - instead of Snapper or Grouper caught fresh that morning by the MV Pedro when we went out to eat. What do I expect?)

My dad did take me was after my folks got divorced. I don't know where my sister had gotten off to that day, but it was just me and my dad and he took me down to the lake to show me how to fish.

We fished for a long time - most of the day - but we didn't catch anything. The guy next to use on the pier was catching lots. Maybe we had bad bait...I dunno. Anyway, he felt bad for me and as we were packing up to leave, he got a fish out of his basket and gave it to me.

We took it back to my Mom's apartment and my Dad cleaned it - my mom bitched a lot about it - and fried it and we had lake catfish to eat, just the two of us.

The thing I remember about that day though is the guy that was catching all the fish...he had his fish basket hanging over the side of the pier in the water, and while we were getting ready to leave, the rope snapped and all his fish fell down to the bottom of the lake. I don't know how deep it was there, but he was diving for it, trying to recover his catch.

Don't know if he ever got it. I hope he did.

Anyway, I'd wanted to do some tags using my Something Fishy kit and just never quite got around to it. Medi of MediEvil Creations just put out a pack of "Ariel" posers - except the little mermaid looks quite grown up in them - and since they were on sales Saturday at Heartbeatz Creationz, this gave me an opportunity to do them.

Hook, Line, and Sinker

The mask used in this tag is from Wee Scot's Lass. The fishing line was part of the little boy graphic, I just cut it out to use in the tag, as the rod and real didn't have a hook on it.

Gone Fishin'

Need I say, I like the darker colors? used a mask from Cameron - part of her ocean collection to create an overlay out of a lighter colored paper and give it the watery effect. I think this is my favorite tag of the group, it turned out quite nice.

On the Rocks

I subtitled this one "On the Rocks". The Beach Bum alpha used on all four tags is courtesy of Digi-Designs by Nicole. Once again, I am using one of Cameron's masks on this tag.

Fish Tails

I had to work Mudholt into one of them. Mudholt is named for a dog a friend of mine had - this was back when I was in my early 20's. He was a English Sheepdog/Irish Wolfhound mix and she named him "Marholt" after an Irish knight in the King Author legends.

That name lasted until the first rain storm when Marholt returned from an excursion in the backyard just covered in mud. From then on, he was known as Mudholt. And boy...could he ever find ways to get himself dirty. Not to mention all of the shedding!

But for all of that, he was a good dog.

You can find Something Fishy at both Sophisti-Scraps and Stargazer Scraps. while it's a taggers kit, it's save to 300 DPI and should work great for working up those Father's Day card you need to do.

Unless, of course, the men in your family are all Tool Fools and don't know how to fish.

In that case, you're on your own!


audrey neal said...

love all the different ways you worked with these...we went camping/fishing over the weekend. All I caught was a rock. Seriously.

Anonymous said...

hmm these are really cute. I love that mermaid! I had some kiddie fairies made up for me exclusive, and I'm just waiting on my brain to think of the right kit to do them justice. lol.

Great work on these.