Thursday, June 25, 2009

Counting horses, not sheep blood work came back fine and yesterday was my follow up visit with my doctor. He's now decided we're going to try a mild sedative - Ambien CR - to try to get me to sleep regularly. I sleep pretty good using over the counter stuff like Simply Sleep, but I can't kick it the next day - it says in my system and it's a battle to stay awake. He did say that wasn't an usual reaction to it though.

I got maybe a handful of hours of sleep last night and that was fitful at best.

I can't start with the Ambien until Friday though, and he said even if I'm still groggy on Saturday to take it Saturday night as well, as it might take while for my body to adjust to it.

"It we can get you to sleep through the night..." That won't happen. I still will need to get up once or twice to pee.

As for my leg, he said I might have done some ligament damage to it when I fell, which is why it's not working right. He said just leave the brace on for know and stay off it as much as possible. I go to see Dr. Clark in August, so if it's still bothering me then, they'll order an MRI on it, and determine what the next step is from there.

I DID get my Wild Horses kit finished up and it should be going into stores, maybe tonight, once I get the attendant paper work finished and get the files zipped. Once this kit goes up I'm going to take some time out for tutorials and tagging and then get my blog trains all on the right tracks. And maybe, fingers crossed, get some sleep.

Here are some tags to give you an idea of what it's going to look like. I'm really jazzed about the papers, I think they turned out fabulous!

Wild Horses 1

The rawhide alpha is from Wenchd Grafix and is not included in the kit. It's only for tag purposes. The light trail however, is in the kit, one of three glittery overlays.

Wild Horses 2

Mustangs are a vanishing symbol of the Western United States. The offspring of escaped Spanish horses, they become heavily hunted to allow cattle to use their grazing ranges. Brutal methods include helicopter round ups in which the horses literally ran their hooves off and then were loaded into trucks to taken to rending plants to be used in pet food.

The Wild Free-Roaming Horses and Burros Act of 1971 offers some protection for the horses, and there are strict guidelines as to how they herds may be managed in public rangelands. 27,000 head is considered a manageable number of wild horses by the BLM, the herds are currently over 33,000. It should be noted that horses can thrive in ranges that cattle can not and so the argument that they detract from cattle grazing ranges is not valid.

Wild Horses 3

The white grunge alpha used in the tag is from DreamsFulfilled and again, is not included in the kit.

There is mixed Native American symbolism in the kit. I wanted to make it a bit more authentic than more of the previous kits that have been released on this genre, but I'm no expert, that's for sure. There are quite a few Native American elements but they are not specific to any one tribe.

Wild Horses 4

I had stalled on this for a bit, but once I got going again it came together fast. I hope you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed putting it together.

For more on Mustang and the history of wild horses in the Americas, please visit


Tammy said...

I hope your sleeping problems are solved soon. I can't take any of those types of drugs because I feel so bad the next day. Not worth it.

Love the horse kits. Beautiful work.

audrey neal said...

I'm like Tammy -- it's like I'm the walking dead the next day if I take sleep meds. Even cold meds and other types that are supposed to be non-drowsy can make me groggy and out of it.

ulisa said...

I very love horses. And your kit looks fabulous!!
Wish you all the best