Monday, June 29, 2009

A mostly wasted weekend

Well, Friday started out okay. I helped Dolores get tickets to the Royal Palm presentation of Peter Pan so she could take her grand daughter, and I turned Rowena on to, helping her to replace the $10 coupon to the Hair Cuttery that Ronaldo had tossed out.

Then I stopped at Walgreens on the way home and had to stay to wait out a bit of a rain shower. So I get home around 2, and James, my neighbor is leaving and he says "The power just went out". I thought that a bit odd because while there had been a rain shower, they're been no lighting or thunder.

I go in the house and go to put my purchases away, and get a shock when I touch the fridge door. Everything metal in the house that was attached to the power grid had a mild current running through it. Scary stuff. In short - the power did not get fixed until around noon on Saturday. The tree in the back yard had rubbed through the power lines and shorted everything out.

This is - of course - negligence on the part of the landlord who should have kept the tree trimmed back from the lines, but that's neither here nor there.

Once I had power again and could inspect the damage, I discovered that the surge protector had slagged, totally. I still have to get into the cubby hole and get it out and put the new one in, but the plastic on it was melted and everything around it is black, black, black. We just barely managed to avoid an electrical fire, is my guess.

My alarm clock was dead as well, I had to get a new one, but the stuff taht was plugged into the surge protector seems okay. Guess it was worth the money I paid for it. This time around I bought a power squid, which has more insulation on it.

Beyond that, the sleeping pills worked well. Too well. I didn't want to get up. I have to talk to him about this and see about maybe just the Ambiem without the CR stuff. The "CR" whatever that is, is supposed to keep you asleep. I does that and it doesn't. I mean, I still wake up in the middle of the night and I"m dopey, but that's no different than what I get with the over the counter stuff which costs a fraction of the price. So why would I want to change?

The Ambien is a little easier to throw off though, so I'm thinking if I get just the regular Ambien....

So that was the extent of my fun weekend. I got a couple of tutorials done and that was about it. And a few tags.

There were all done using the "English Garden" kit from Creationz by Jo. It's available in both full and tagger size and you can get it at Stargazer Scraps as well as other fine Digi-Boutiques. Jo sells out of quite a few of them.

The "Green Fly" poser is from Perfect Posers and given all the licensing issues with CILM of late, I'm beginning to think posers are the way to go. Not so much of a hassle.

An English Garden

An English Garden

There's some really pretty elements in this kit. I was trying for the "outside looking in" perspective on these pieces and I think it worked out okay.

An English Garden

An English Garden

When she's not doing Twilight, Jo's been putting out some very nice fantasy themed kits. She's still one of my favorite designers and I still love playing with her work.

Now...if I can only wake up....


Lori said...

wow scary about the potential fire. glad u made it by that one!

Lena said...

That is crazy about the power current!

I hope you get some sleep. I have been struggling for weeks with insomnia and have had a few of the regular Ambien's myself.

Insomnia is the pits.