Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Goals and Accomplishments

My goals for the weekend were to do (one) tutorial,
Finish up the wedding kit,
Finish up the Wild Horses kit,
Scrap myself going over the falls in a barrel.

I ended up doing (three) tutorials,
I finished the wedding kit (but need to rework it a bit),
I’m stalled on the Wild Horses kit as I need to think about it,
And I still haven’t gone over the falls in a barrel.

However, I did learn how to make a discount coupon in Zen Cart AND how to make my own ads!

I also started a new beachy themed kit which I should finish today and hope to have in my stores tomorrow.

Plus I did the four Paradyce Lost tags and uploaded 24 of the 36 new brushes I bought and did some work on the 2T2P secret project, although...that will likely need to be redone as we're still hashing out the pallet.

As for the wedding kit, I did this little bit up to post on the S-S list since I was using Kirsy's templates for the Bride and Groom. That's not what she intended them for, but they work. And then I used 3 of Joanne's CU products and the gazebo is from a template by Aquarius Design. So it was sort of a C.U. CT exercise. LOL.

I'm going to have to redo the preview for the kit, tho. I knew I had some more stuff to add in, but I couldn't find it. Last night, I was looking for strings and seashells and guess what?

Oh well, at least it wasn't the day before launch and those friggin' overlays I wanted to use never did turn back up.

My hard drive is like the Bermuda Triangle. Things vanish in there, never to be seen or heard from again. :)

I called my mother on Sunday and she's like "Aren't you going to wish me a Happy Father's Day?" I pointed out she ISN'T my father. She copped this attitude after the divorce that she was both my mother and my father, and I hated that. I hate the way she puts my dad down all the time.

He wasn't perfect - far from it - but he tried to be a good father when he was around. But she's not perfect either and as such, she doesn't have the right to cast stones. Especially as the man is dead and in his grave for some 20 years now.

To make matters worse, my sister sent my mother flowers - my mother was of course ecstatic about this - that said "To the best Mother AND Father in the whole world".

I pointed out that the next time Carol does something stupid and she comes back at me with "BUT YOU RAISED HER!" I'm going to remind her that Carol obviously thinks otherwise.

"Yeah, I thought about that," she says.

"I'd be happy to share my flowers with you but you're so far away."

Yes, another dig about my so called "running away from home". It's only been what? 26 years? Time for her to get over it, don't you think?

And then she has the never to tell me she doesn't carry grudges. The woman's like an elephant she never forgets, or forgives, anything.

Anyway, enough venting.

Diamond of the Jungle

Miss Diamond does not think that I'm her mother OR her father. Just her furry best friend. LOL!

Scroll down to check out my Summer Splash tutorial. It's really adorable!

Oh yeah, almost forgot. One last thing. It seems that Jay has decided to ditch her personal CT, and just run with the one at the store. It would have been NICE if she'd e-mail us and let us know, but no...I had to find out by reading her blog. She never did acknowledge the "Splash" tutorial I did for her, and I guess that explains why.

Ah well, I didn't think it was working out anyway. She's become heavily addicted to Twilight tagging and I - for the most part - don't do Twilight tags.

This allows me to focus my efforts on the designers at Sophisti-Scraps now, which I think is a good thing!

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Amanda said...

You had a productive week. I've scrapped a travel tumbler and a birthday pin in the last couple weeks and that's good for the last few months.