Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Gas! plus some Emerald Ice

So Tuesdays I only work half a day, so I took the car over to Auto Parts after I got off at noon. I'm glad I went in the middle of the day as there was no one there.

It took all of 30 seconds and a large wrench to get the locking gas cap off the car, so now I have a new, non-locking gas cap, plus two new windshield wipers (buy one, get one free, installed), and gas in my car.

It runs much better with gas in it. :)

The girls were playing around on the Sophisti-Scraps list as to when they graduated from High School and I called them all puppies. Well, they are.

This lead to the passing around of the nickname of "granny" so I was sort of playing with it in my head while we were installing the windshield wipers. So of course when Toni went and teased me about it, I was all set for her.

She got quite a kick out my signing my response "Granny Dianny".

Anyway, Scrappin with Lil Ole Me as put out a new taggers kit called "Emerald Ice". I comes with one of KairinaKat Kreations posers, put I decided instead to use the Liela poser from Perfect Posers to put together a set of snags for you.

Cindy said on her blog she'd been taking scrapping lessons from Farrah, and you can see in this kit, where it has influenced her style some. This is a much more mature work than what she's turned out in the past.

I am particularly fond of the "Dream" and "Dance" word art included in the kit. I love the way that was done.

I wasn't sure, so to be on the safe side, I stashed these on Picasa. You can never tell with Photobucket and their policy on "half naked women", as one traditional digi-scrapper called them. Personally, I don't have a problem with the female form, and possibly because I live in Florida and am used to it, a lack of clothing doesn't bother me much.

In fact....she's kind of well dressed - by Florida standards.

Isn't this pretty? This is a really nice kit. I purchased it from Scrappin' Bratz along with some new CU items Cindy had put out.

Speaking of traditional Digi-Scrapers, what gives some of them the right to be so downright rude. Someone by the name of "delitescraps" has been out leaving very rude and annoying messages on tagger sites, telling them that "PROFFESSIONAL DESIGNERS don't do tagger sized!"

I don't know. I design. People pay to purchase my work. Tagger sized or not, as far as I'm concerned, that makes me a Profession Designer (but not a "Proffessional" one, what ever that might be). Incidentally, said individual is not brave enough to link to her blog or provide an e-mail addy, preferring to hide behind the mask of anonymity.

(And then some joker wanted to know why I don't accept anonymous comments.)

Whatever happened to "do unto others as you'd have them do unto you"?


Unknown said...

Hahaha..yes I have found that cars run much better with gas in them. But somehow, on occasin, I still manage to run out...go figure.

I too hate rude people that go to blogs and post silly things. Really, if ya don't like it, don't look!

Have great day!

Anonymous said...

They say people are only horrible like that when they are jealous, most people wouldn't care.
So take stuff like that as a compliment :)