Monday, June 22, 2009

News, WWLD, and Layouts!

News! I have been accepted as a designer into Scrappetizing! This puts me in three stores now, which will help get my name - and my products - out there.

I did very well this week on commissions to, getting around $18 total, which surprised me to no end. Of course, I turned around and spent this on more scrap stuff, but what did you expect!

Getting accepted in Scrappetizing also gives me a 3rd store to promote on through the blog trains. As I've been doing three trains a month, that gives me one store per train to promote! Gotta take advantage of my advertising opportunities!

Question: Which brings me to my "What would Luke Do?" question for the week. I am including coupons into the Goodie Train and and Bits'N'Bobs Train good for 35% off on my products at one of my stores. I hadn't actually thought this through until Toni brought it up but...

I can make the coupons good for a one (1) time use per customer or I can make them good for a multiple use per customer. I guess I was thinking like a printed coupon where you use it once and that's just didn't occure to me that I could do multiple uses with it.

So which way do you think I should go? A one time use coupon or a multiple use coupon? The coupons are only good through the month of July.

Layouts: Lillian Campbell, who I know through the Stargazer's Store, is a moderator and lesson writer for Winni's Lesson's Groups. Winni has loads of groups for designing with PSP, Letter Creator (brand new), Animation, etc...

There is a list at the bottom of this post. Lillian had asked for kit donations to use in her lesson writing, so I sent a few on and she's done wonderful things with them. While these are taggers sized kits, she's doing the lessons on the internet. These were all done for the Scrapbook Lesson Group.

This first one uses my Big Kahuna kit:

Big Kahuna Layout

There have been over 500 downloads of this kit, making it the most popular one I've done so far. The last day to get this as a freebie is June 30th, so if you haven't snagged it yet, you might wish to do so A.S.A.P.

The second uses my Bike Night kit and I LOVE what she's done with it!

Bike Night Layout

I think that's a box raft and they're certainly not going to cross the Atlantic in that anytime soon!

Fairy Delightful Layout

The third uses my Fairy Delightful kit. This is another freebie that you have until June 30th to snag, so don't delay. And isn't Coolbeanz just an adorable little doggie?!

These are all just fabulous!

If you'd like to get involved with Winni's lesson groups, here are the links:

I'm told there is a lesson group for Poser and Photoshop in the works!

I hope you enjoyed those layouts as much as I did. I'm just tickled pink with the whole thing!


Unknown said...

Not sure about coupons - for me I would probably just do one - time coupons.

audrey neal said...

with the coupons, it really depends on how many times you want a customer to be able to use the coupon. If they just have one chance to use it, chances are they'll stock up and make their cart total more, rather than coming back and dipping in here and there, using the coupon each time.

congrats on the new store!

Denise aka wererich said...

From a designer's point of view, I would do just a one-time use coupon. From a consumer's POV, multiple! However, I can honestly say that I've never seen a multiple use. It usually just says something along the lines of a coupon good for one trip to the shop.