Sunday, November 28, 2010

Mama Noel (PTU) Tutorial

I notice one of my neighbors was industrious this holiday weekend and got their Christmas lights up. They are now running up their FPL bill.

Mama Noel - Katie

I had bought this tube to use with a different kit, but I just wasn't getting the results I wanted, so I ended up writing another tutorial with that kit.

Crazed's Silver Bells was released last year, but it's a very pretty kit and worked great with the tube. You can grab it at Scrappetizing, where it's currently on sale for $1.

The alpha is FTU, and there's a download link in the tut.

You can try this one for yourself at Di Before Dawn tutorials.


@TheOtherRosie said...

I noticed your comment about 4shared. I hated waiting 3 to 5 minutes for downloads on 4Shared. That was before I found some of my favorite scrapers who use THE EVIL RAPIDSHARE. RapidShare only makes you wait a few seconds for your first download, but then they make you wait 15 minutes before you may download again. Also, 4Shared is the only download site that I don't get a red alert from McAfee on. Who knew?
Happy holidays.

Digicats said...

Yeah, Rapid Share is worse. But there are other alternatives. I use Norton and it never bothers me with MediaFire, so...