Sunday, November 7, 2010


So, I'd gone shopping - taking advantage of the National Digital Scrapbooking day sale - over at Gothic Inspirations. while I was unzipping, I just happened to notice that my collection of Jessica's kits is growing.

How many kits?

In case you can't read that, it say "95". This was after I'd gone shopping but before I checked to see if I'm missing any of the ones she's retiring that she posted for free on her blog.

So yeah, I'm a 'Ho for Jess' kits. Which is probably why she keeps calling me one. :)

But it got me thinking. Which of you has been stalking me? And who's got a collection of my designs on their computer.'s the deal. E-mail a screen shot of your directory showing my kits and how many you've got. Send it to

The person with the most kits is gonna win another one - the very brand new Snowflakes kit which I'm currently working on. Which is gonna look something like this:


Oh, I hear groaning. Yes more snow. Tis the season and all of that.

So...Let's see what you've got! I'll leave the R.A.K. open until Saturday, November 13th, and announce the winner next Sunday.

And yes, of course, freebies count. CU products do not. Count is for kits only.

Good Luck!

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Gothic Inspirations said...

LMFAO...girl you crack me up! If it helps any I think you be my favorite Ho! ;) Xox Jess