Sunday, September 7, 2008

Chris & Burke

Some guys, I really want more than just general satisfaction in the layout. I feel the need to do them justice. The Orioles layouts for expample, are satisfactory, but not really very creative.

One of the guys I'm overly attached to is Chris, now with the Florida Marlins, and while I like Amy Blesser's Rainy Day Sunday kit and felt this piece turned out rather well, in retrospect, I wanted something...uhm grungier.:

Jupiter Hammerheads

SO I went with Helly's Could be Happy kit and decided I was much happier.

Jupiter Hammerheads

I wonder if we're going to see the Marlins over here for Spring Training. That would be a really fun game. The Brushed Metal Alpha in the second piece is from Nettie B Scrapz.

Burke I REALLY have to be happy with. This first piece is a combo of kits from Helly:

Lakeland Flying tigers

The background is from A Woman's Love, the frame is from Movin' On, the elements are from Wannabe. It's okay. After messing around some though on a Danny Worth piece, I went back and settled on just the Wannabe kit with much better results:

Lakeland Flying tigers

I knew that kit had potential!

The Bracket Frames and the Cardboard Tags are freebie add ons of course.

Burke is with the Marlins now too, having switched affiliations in the Miguel Cabrera trade. Like I said, a game against the Fish would be FUN!

The masking tape alpha is from Jan Hosford, BTW and can be found at Digital Freebies.

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