Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Diamond & Tris

With fall moving in, I needed to do something autumny for Miss Diamond's blog, and to be honest, the fall colors suit Tristan very well.

Miss Diamond

tabby cat

Both of these pieces use the Autumn Breeze kit from Creations by Jo. In the first one, I supplimented the kit with elements from the Autumn Forest Friends set from Danielle Engebretson and which is available at Digital Freebies.

In the second, I used the Cork Alpha which was created by Claudi and which is also available at Digital Freebies. The little leaf buttons are from the Canada kit that I got from Scrappin' Girls (I think), I needed a brad or something and this just sort of went with the overall fall theme.

Today is new release Tuesday over at Digital Freebies. Don't forget to check out the DF Blog, where they have two freebies available for today, including an add on to Melanie Ann's To the Moon kit.

Speaking of freebies, Diane over at Candy's Treats has retired her Metallic kit and is offering is a Freebie. It's a great chance to pick up a nice little kit with alot of pieces for free. While she says it's not as good as some of her newer stuff, it's still pretty descent.

Yarrow has put together a new 2-in-one kit called Opposites Attract. She has an add-on freebie on her blog and it probably has many pieces in it as some full sized kits do, so it's worth snagging.
I thought I'd mention it because I almost used it for these next two pieces, but I felt like working more in black and white so I put that idea on the back burner and used her Minutes to Midnight kit instead.

Miss Diamond

tabby cat

I was contemplating doing matching pieces using her freebie Birthday Wishes kit for my sister's birthday on Saturday, but I've decided to trash that idea in favor of sending her matching 8x10 of my fursons using the Minutes to Midnight kit. I'm going to redo a piece for Diamond though to make it more like, but opposite, the one for Tris, so the overall theme is the same, but swap out the colors. For example, Tris is a light frame on a dark background, her's will be a dark frame on a light background.

Finally a new store called Moki Joe Designs is opening up to help raise money for Moki the cat's Medical Fun. Not much there right now but you might want to bookmark it and keep an eye on it.

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Diane said...

thanks for the mention on your blog Hugs Diane of CandysTreats xxx
your cat looks like my jet (cat i had a long time ago) but then i guess alot of black cats look alike lol