Wednesday, September 24, 2008

A honest to god tube tag

Sonel's Corner had three tubes on Digi-free today, which were saved in .psd, instead of .psp format. If you use Photohop, you probably know from experience you can't get the .psp files open. I'm wondering if I can open them in another vector art program (like Adobe Illustrator), or if it's proprietary format.

In any case, that allowed me to try my hand at creating a tag using "tube" art. This particular piece of art is © Ana Rasha at I do wonder if the freebie tubes that do show up on Digi-free are supposed to be there, but that's not my problem, just at the moment.

This is the end result...


Yes, I know, I still have a lot to learn.

I used Yarrow's Romantique kit to do this. The background frog is from and may or may not be copyright, and the chrome lettering is from Scrapdolly.

I think I've now credited everyone that needs to be credited, if I let anyone out, please forgive me.

It's done in 6x6 inch format and you can click to enlarge the piece.

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