Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Could be Happy

I'm more or less broke at the moment, it was a short pay this week and after rent and bills and groceries and gas, I'm pretty much done in. So rather that work on something I feel the need to get printed over the next few days, I decided to scrap some of last year's crew, in part because some of these kids went on to win an Appy League Championship and I want the new designs for the sidebar on the GCLTwins site.

In this particular case, I was playing with the "Could Be Happy" kit by Helly. The papers are nice and I love the cute plump little blue bird of happiness.

Ben Revere

Ben tore up the Midwest League this year, earning himself MVP despite finishing off the season on the DL with particles in his knee. Couldn't be happier with him!

Tom Stuifbergen

Stuif on the other hand was on the DL all year long. He could have been in the Olympics. But for the moment, he probably could be happier.

Danny Rondon

Danny Rondon was on the title winning E-Twins team although his year probably didn't go as well as he would have liked it to go. I was however, no where near as bad as Mr. Berlind's.

Nick Papasan

Papi played only 10 games this season and was DLed most of the year. Not a good way to start your career as I believe he was DLed for most of last year's GCL season as well.

Thom Wright

He was a reliever that was converted to a starter then sent to E-Town and and went back in the bullpen. But he did pitch in relief in the championship game and did a great job. Couldn't be happier.

Jeanfred Brito

Brito started the year in E-Town then got promoted to Beloit when the injury bug hit the Snappers. Did a fair job up there.

Not a part of this set, is this piece I did for T-Bone using Helly's Apologize freebie, although the little star doodle is from Could be Happy. I just loved these papers.

Rene Tosoni

As Rene hit the game winning home run yesterday, he couldn't be happier and he certainly has nothing to apologize for.

I've said it before, but the Duct Tape alpha is by Maria LaFrance and is available at Digital Freebies. The Chrome Alpha on the Tosoni piece was an uncredited it I got off Digi-free.

(Speaking of which, I missed new release Tuesday yesterday. Whaaaa! must go see what is going on!!!!

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