Friday, September 19, 2008

Tag, you're it

I think I'm having a moment of revelation here. "Tagging" seems to be taking the work of an artist, usually a sensual female or something similar, and decorating it with scrap book pieces. I find a lot of redundancy in the scrap book kits and that probably because most of the kits are compiled from stock art that's been colored or modified in some way. Atomic Cafe and several other places also provide "scrips" or "actions" which help the scrap kit designs in creating something for their kit. This is probably why so many designs keep using the same tired old dragonflies and emo skulls and (yes butterflies and flowers). One of the reasons I like the kits that Kathy Haworth (Tizzy's Angel) puts together is that they're different. She uses a lot of her own photography in designing her pieces. She doesn't compile so much as she creates.

"Taggers" often purchase stock art in the form of PSP tubes to use as the center piece of their tags. Some of this stock art is photography.

I guess I see no difference then, in using photos of cats to create my tags, and if it came down to that, I could probably do my own artwork as well, as judging from some of the "tubes" I was looking at, I'm a better artist.

In any case, a few new tags:


Momo lives down under and she's actually a very beautiful and colorful cat. I faded her out for this pieces as I was trying to make her look a bit "ghostly". I used the Gothik Vampyre kit by Tizzy's Angel for this one, it's really one of the nicer Halloween kits that has come out.


Poor Pumpkin, she always gets made into a pie around this time of year. Here she's begging for Candy Corn instead. This was done using the Spookable kit from Honored Scraps. It's a just a quick little piece that isn't meant to be be really spooky. Notice however the candle...

Now, skip on over HERE and have a look at the one in this layout of Miss Diamond. The kit I used on this was Gothic Rougue by Yarrow. Same candle, different colors. Although I think the designers in Digital Chaos share around more than most. I still like their work however.

House Panther,Howl-N-Scream

I mentioned the harvest moon element in the Night of the Dead kit. Well, here it is in a tag for Little Isis. This was actually a pretty easy job to do as Isis was in silhouette in the shot.

Finally, not really a tag, this was done to 8 x 10 size and is from Yarrow's A Pirate's Life kit, which I like quite a bit. (I liked it better before I noticed it shared a lot of elements with Bluedream Designs' work. Oh well.)

House Panther,Pirate

I love Diego by the way, I think he's a great cat and this worked well for Meow like a Pirate day as well as Fluffy Friday on House Panthers.

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