Saturday, September 20, 2008

The Eyes have it

I had a moment of giddy excitement at work on Friday when I ran across a free 30-day downloadable trial version of PSP X2. When I got home and looked it up - and read the technical specifications, my poor little heart crashed. It - much like PS CS2 requires either XP or Vista, and I'm still running Win 2000. (And believe me, I remember when that was state of the art!) ::sigh::

So we're stuck with my moldy old version of Photoshop (5.0). One for the Books did not have any Photoshop manuals either, although they did have a small selection of old computer related technical manuals, including PSP 8 to choose from. "We'd take anything for Photoshop," the girl told me, "but no one ever brings anything in."

Oh well. I did download a few more kits today but I'll get to that as I get to them. Right now I want to share some tags for some expressively eyed cats on the Cat BlogoSphere.


Theo has some really expressive eyes and he's obviously seeing some thing he just can't believe in his Howl-N-scream tag. What next he wonders? This used the Fright Night kit from Creations by Jo. Three of the next kits I just purchased came from Creations by Jo, which prompted me to find her blog. The extra bits in the kit - the ghosts and the black cat - where from the Mini Halloween Scrap Pack freebie from Kristen's Wicked Scraps.

The Black Epoxy lettering on this one, and the Bloody Mess lettering on the next two tags were from Free Digital Scrapbooking.


Yao-Lin does not strike me as the sort of feline to be afraid of anything. I mean, he lives with the Stinky Baby Mao, everything must seem pretty tame after that. But he obviously sees something out there that's not to his liking. This also used the Fright Night kit from Creations by Jo.


Kellie the Orange Cat was out trick or treating when she heard something and now she's not so sure she want to go knock on the door of that haunted mansion behind her. Perhaps it was the moaning of the wind, but then...could it also have been...oh my....

This used the Night of the Dead kit by Chaos Priestess.

I think - and I don't think this will be a problem - I'll do a T-13 with these tags on Miss Diamond's blog on Thursday. I'm working on setting up a new blog for my new Tabby Cat, Trisan, who is cowering under the bed despite the fact the demon cat from hell is somewhere outside.

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