Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Howl N' Scream

I love fall - I love all the fall colors - even though in Florida, everything is still green - and I LOVE Halloween. I really appeals to the Goth in me.

So needless to say, despite stressing with the tabbies, in still in my creative glory.

black cat

This is the way "Steve" our newly acquired loverboy Tabby views Miss Diamond. Sometimes, this is the way I view Miss Diamond as well. She does have cruel streak in her.

This kit was done with the Gothik Vampyre taggers kit by Tizzy's Angel and is done to a 6 x 6 inch format (all the pieces in this post were) which is standard for taggers. I have no idea how I can print these things because I don't think you can order 6 x 6 inch prints.

Maybe I'll redo it to 5 x 7. In any case. Coming up for Grr's day on Thursday, I present to you the heart of darkness herself:


Grr, in Night of the Living Grr, including her formerly blond, now Goth, girl. This was done using Chaos Priestess Night of the Dead taggers kit which is a delightful little kit that will appeal to all the dark things in your heart.

I am thoroughly enjoying this one!

If you looking for a freebie, Kristin's Wicked Scraps has a nice little freebie called Spooky Halloween which I think was just the right speed for getting Spooky Do all dolled up for Fright Night:

Spooky Do

Spooky Do is a nice cat who would never pick on poor loverboy tabbies! LOL!

Stayed tuned....more Howl N' Scream fun is on the way!

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