Thursday, September 25, 2008

Things on my wish list...

Helly's Fairy Magic taggers kits. She's got a couple of freebie samplers and a plopper on her blog, but you only really get enough with the samplers to do one or two layouts.

The Siobhan plopper I'd already posted. This one is from the Nyssa sampler:

Miss Diamond

It was done to a 5 x 7 format so I could print it.

This one uses the Rhiannon sampler:

Miss Diamond

Also done to 5 x 7 and I antiqued the photo of Miss Diamond. The unicorn is not part of the kit, I just felt like adding it. There's also the Aleia kit which we did not get a Sampler/Plopper for. (Not that I'm complaining, mind.)

And to go along with these, I'd like one of Selina Fenech's tube sets, which probably only comes in .psp format.

Somehow...I think I could go quickly broke if I get into this hobby graphics thing.

On a side note, Amazon has PSP X1, which is the last version of the program that will run on my system, new for around $40. So I'm thinking go ahead and buy that. It's gotta be better than what I'm trying to work with now, and there are at least some tutorials available for it on the internet.

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