Friday, September 26, 2008

Two tags and a 5x7

Wow, this was supposed to be three tags, but evidently I forgot to upload one. The first two both use Chaos Priestess' Night of the Dead kit (and add on freebie) with the Bone Alpha (Freebie) from Free Digital Scrapbooking.

If you're just getting started in Digital Scrapbooking, Free Digital Scrapbooking is a great resource.

The first one is Mr. Hendrix, who lives in Ohio. Actually, it's probably his evil alter ego Bendrix, but we won't go there.

House Panther,Howl-N-Scream

The second is One Eyed Jack, the Pirate Cat who actually has two eyes.

House Panther,Howl-N-Scream

This is the somewhat evil tempered Grr, who is one of my favorite internet cats. I just love reading her blog!

This the 5 x 7 and I used the Gothic Violet kit (and add on freebie) from Yarrow.

House Panther

All three kits are available at Digital Chaos, one of my favorite places to shop.