Thursday, February 26, 2009

Annie's Design

Annie from Annie's Design is the showcased designer at Creative Scraps this week - month - whatever. I have several kits by her, one which I still need to so some tags with, but I more recently picked up her Cleopatra kit and her St. Patrick's Day kit from Creative Scraps.

The Cleopatra kit was interesting because I've not seen too many Egyptian themed kits. (I'd like to see more!) I do have a bunch of Egyptian Posers however, and being a cat person well...yes, I've got Bast as well.

Cleopatra 1

Cleo, in this tag is from UF Designs, while Bast is from Granny Art. I would have liked to see a bit more Egyptian themed items in the kit, but I'll take what I've got. The feathered fan - one of Incognito's - comes with the kit.

Cleopatra 2

These big silver charm elements have always vexed me, but I hit on the idea of using it like a frame, and it worked quite well. The poser comes with the kit, but is uncredited.

That's one of the things I'm being a stickler on with my kits, is trying to put the credits in there. Granted, I've taken the lazy route and am just creating a list of designers whose commercial use products I've used, and which may or may not have been used in the kit in question, but the big items, like the posers, I feel should be clearly credited.

I also noticed that most of the TOU for the commercial use products say you must change it in some way, but it seems like Annie just dumps some pieces in without actually changing them.

Cleopatra 3

This last poser is from "We're in God's Hands", (c) WIGH, from PSP Tube Depot. The Egyptian pottery in the piece is from an element pack from Krissy's Scraps.

The masks in the last two tags are from Wee Scots Lass.

The next three tags feature the Amy poser from Lacy Clagg. The scraps are from the St. Patrick's Day Kit from Annie's Design, which seems to have been rushed a bit. There's a .pdf rainbow in the kit that is not on a transparent background (but that's easy to fix) and some .tub word art, which is also easy to change over to .png file if you have PSP. It just struck me as being a little sloppy.

St. Patrick's Day 1

I love the gold coins and I like her choice of colors. I probably should have gone with green and gold. ::sigh::

St. Patrick's Day 2

The hat and the pinata are some clever tube items. Given some of the fun St. Patrick's day stuff I have at home, it never occur ed to me to photograph and tube them. Maybe I'll do something to correct that oversight.

St. Patrick's Day 3

The is the above mentioned .pdf rainbow, removed from its white background. I like the little bear! There's also some nice green beer in the kit, which didn't make it into any of these three tags. Since I have to tag out the cats for St. Patrick's Day, maybe I'll leave that for Sir Tristan.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed these. Speaking of kits, with any luck my latest will be out tomorrow. I just need to do tags and bottle caps and makes some modifications to the posers. :)

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oh wow! I just love all things ancient Egyptian!! :)