Saturday, February 28, 2009

Mardi Gras - U.K. Style

Mardi Gras starts on 12th night, or Feast of Three Kings, on December 6th, and ends on Fat Tuesday, which fell this year on February 24th. The following day, Southern Scrapz released her Mardi Gras kit. For a girl that lives in the south, you think she'd get the dates right at least.


I bought it anyway, as I love anything Mardi Gras. I did however draw the line at Oosie Daisy's Laisez Les Bons Temps Rouler, as it's a full size kit broken down into 10 downloads. While I could script it down and use it for tags, I really balked at the download size.

I did buy Snowraven's Mardi Gras kit, which is full size and scripted it down so I could use it to tag. And (amazingly enough) I finally got the tags done!

The kit features four posers from Black Diamond Fantasy, which are not credited in the kit documentation, but which Snowy wrote about on her blog.

Snowraven's Mardi Gras 1

I was really impressed with the quality of the elements in the kit. There's some very unusual pieces and they are all well done. The posers too are quality pieces, and BDF charges substantially less for their tube sets than some other places out there.

The raven in this tag is from Granny Art.

Snowraven's Mardi Gras 2

I love this bit of Mardi Gras word art that came in the kit. Itsn't it fabulous?

Snowraven's Mardi Gras 3

The word art in this tag came from Tracy Drane. I love the little pom-poms in this piece as well. There are a lot of background, but not as many elments as I would have liked to see. Still the quality makes up for the quanity, as there isn't a bad piece in the lot!

Snowraven's Mardi Gras 4

The masks on the poser in both of the last two tags came - in a much larger size - with the kit. They can be used as stand alone elements and would be great emblishements on a full size layout pages. The "glitter" overlay on this by Nips Creations. I'm more glittery on a dark background and really didn't work with the piece, but I liked it better with, then without so it stayed. You all know how much I like glitter!

I was not entirely pleased with the piece I did for Pawti Gras using this kit however.

Persian Cat,Mardi Gras

Sweet Praline is the cat in question, and as Miss Diamond pointed out in the Pawti Gras presentation, she comes with her own mask and is always ready for Carnival. I had a bit of trouble switching gears off of kit creation back to tagging and this was one of the first of the Pawti Gras tags I did, so i probably could have done a better job.

In the end, the presentation was fun and very colorful and Sweet Praline did like her tag. She's featuring it on her blog today as part of Photo Hunt.

You can buy Snowy's Mardi Gras kit at Magickal Scraps. If you've just got back from New Orleans, or have pictures from previous Carnivals that you need to scrap, you'll certainly want to pick up this kit to do your layouts with. It comes with the add-on included.

If your not yet ready to commit, you can pick up the Sampler and play with a bit before you buy the full sized version.

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