Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Ash Wednesday

When Shelly created the angels for Creationz by Jo's Angelic kit, she also released packs of the "Jo-Jo" angels in Red and Black. The black I tagged using CBJ's Fallen Angel kit, this is the red variation.

All the posers are (c) by Kairinakat Kreations, BTW, just so we're clear on the copyright end of things.

Devilish 1

The scraps for the first two tags are from the "Devilish" taggers kit by Amanda Fontaine. The kit was designed as a fundraiser for the Save the Tazmanian Devil fund. The kit is only available until March 1, 2009, and you can find it at I'm a Little

The pitchforks are from Untamed Angel's Heaven & Hell kit.

Devilish 2

The Tazzie Devil clip art is from Digiweb Studios and is from their Australian Animals Pack 2, which was recently released. I'm tempted to do somethng with the Aussie animals, I'm just not sure what yet. In any case, they complimented the project.

Tainted Love 1

These last two tags use scraps from the "Tainted Love" taggers kit by Tizzy's Angel. Kathy created the kit and is selling it for $1.00 at Digital Chaos in an attempt to raise money to play off the vet bills for her cat Ash, who was horriblibly mauled by a dog early last year.

The Helloween alpha in the first tag is from Designs by Crazy Diamond. There is some freebie word art that goes with the kit that you can also download at DC.

Tainted Love 2

The bloody love charm is not part of the word art. It's included in the main kit. Kathy said this isn't her best effort, but it's substantially better than my best effort, so...

The heart shaped candle is from Osa Honey.

I finished up the T13: Pawti Gras cat project last night, so I can go back to working on my kit. I did find some CU robot posers to include in the kit, which I will (hopefully) have ready to go - if not by Friday - than at least by this weekend sometime.

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Anonymous said...

Wow they are gorgeous Reds! And neat tags as always! Though I am not too sure the Tassie devil looks like one hehe.. still cute though :))