Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Night Lovers

As I was logging out of DC after buying Blow Pop, a kit caught my eye. It was from Scrappy Redhead (naturally). Anyway, Tizzy's Angel up up a new kit for a $1 and Yarrow was having a $1 sale yesterday so I went back and got this one, which is called Night Lover.

I was trying to make it gothy, but it's not really a gothy kit.

Night Lovers

The gothic poser is from Untamed Angel, and I really need to find something more Gothy to play with her in.

The Diamond alpha is from JoBeth at J.W. Scraps.

Night Lovers

I tried a second layout with a goth poser, but it wasn't working. So I switched to one of the Belle of the Ball posers from Perfect Poser.

Maybe I just wasnt' awake enough, I dunno. I'll come back and play with this later, when my throat doesn't feel like someone dropped acid down it. I got some new cowgirls so I thought I might do some nice western layouts tonight. It's been a while.

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Anonymous said...

Ouch I am sorry about your throat.
try gargling Apple Cider Vinegar, it takes away the pain, kills the germs and is super cheap :)