Friday, February 6, 2009

My Lacy Valentine

I was going to say something about not really being a pin up type tagger, but then you'd just point to the Easter Bunny tags and you'd probably be right.

So let's say, instead, that I don't really consider myself a pin up tagger in the traditional sense. However, Toni Scraparoni finally released her Valentine's Day offering and it's a very red, lacy kit called "My Lacy Valentine". I wanted like a real tube, as opposed to a poser to go with it, so I ended up looking at pin ups because it's not really a goth kit, so what else does that leave?

My Lil Devil

My Lil Devil

I thought about writing a tute for this, but it's a fairly simple tag with a lot of erasing. I am using the Hell Girl tube by Elias Chatzoudis. I did buy a slightly more traditional tube in case this one didn't work, but I think the tag turned out well.

In fact I was so pleased, I was having trouble finding a place to put the name, especially after I'd spent all that time erasing. So I ended up putting it along the frame.

Nice boots, eh?

The other reason for not tuting it is with Toni's kits, they're all begging for animation and I don't have the ($157) plug in to do the animation. So I figured I'd just do the tag and tute something else this weekend.

I wasn't done playing with Toni's kit though, but this time I did turn to posers - specifically the Frou-Frou girl that Bits'N'Bobs released yesterday. She's VERY similar to the Valentine's Day Girl that Calypso released earlier in the year. That's a problem with Poser - you're working from preset modules so unless you're actually developing your own fabrics and designs, they all sort of look similar.

Soxsational just released a line of "Lil" gothic dolls with are very similar to the ones that Calypso had put out last year. In any case...

My Lacy Valentine

My Lacy Valentine

The Flower Gems were a blog freebie from Toni and weren't actually in the kit. I was kind of expecting them and was mildly disappointed they weren't there. So I used them anyway.

The word art is relatively new (full sized) release from Creationz by Jo called Gem Valentine Words and I ended up going on line to buy it last night to finish off the tag. Nothing else really worked with it.

My Lacy Valentine

Another piece where I used the eraser to wrap the doodle around the girl. The flowers in this piece are the ones that were included in the kit. Don't you just love the lacy backgrounds?

The gold word art was another piece from the pack from CJB - in included both silver and gold. I don't the gold works quite as well as the siler, give most of the bling in the piece is diamond colored.

Anyway...there are 9 Frou-Frou posers in the pack and you can pick up two more for free off the Bits'N'Bobs blog. Be warned that she has the the PTU pack named exactly the same as the FTU pack and if you're not careful, you could overwrite one with the other. Ditto when you're unpacking it. They both want to go to the same directory.

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